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Feedback for eerielunarose

Apr 6, 2008

    1. Here you have found the feedback thread for the creepy moon rose with the doll obsession.

      Please, do leave feedback if I have bought from you, or sold to you!

      Thank you so much!
    2. Eerielunarose purchased some items from my doll shop. She paid quickly and had great communication. I would highly recommend business with her. She is welcome back anytime :D
      Thanks again.
    3. I sold two clothing items to her. She was very helpful, responded quickly to all of my PMs, paid very promptly, and as gracious all around. I would definitely sell to her again!
    4. Super nice person- lovely to sell to- purchased items at a meet and left terrific feedback- thank you ELR! :)))
    5. I sold my AR LF Ren girl to her (via ebay). She was very pleasant to deal with, and I was assured my first doll would be going to a good home. ^_^ I'd do business with her again anytime!
    6. eerielunarose bought a pair of pants from me, she paid quite quickly, and was very patient with me while I was working out some.. paypal issues (eww).

      Great buyer!
    7. Eerielunarose bought a gown from me. Payment was quick, she was very friendly, and let me know when it arrived safely. ^_^ I'd definitely do business again!
    8. eerielunarose ordered several items from my sale thread (as well as from Ebay in the past). Payment was very prompt and I was told right away of the items' safe arrival. Wonderful buyer, please come back to my clothing shop again!
    9. I sold a doll hybrid (CP Dreaming Moon head and a 1/3 Bobobie body) to Eerielunarose. It was a wonderful transaction! She paid very promptly and was constant with her communication; I was also alerted when the doll arrived safely. I would recommend her to anyone! Plus she leaves amazing feedback! :D Thanks a ton!
    10. eerielunarose bought my BF Nicky boy, and was very nice to deal with. She paid fast and let me know he arrived safe and sound! I would gladly sell to again! Thanks very much! Best,
    11. eerielunarose bought some more clothing items from my sale thread. Payment was prompt and I was notified upon items arrival. Wonderful buyer.
    12. I sold an item of clothing to eerie, she paid promptly and was very kind!
      A pleasure to do business with
    13. Eerielunarose was in my Dreaming Scarlett Johansson minimee group order. She was great to deal with and I'd be glad to be in any group order with her anytime. Thanks :aheartbea
    14. Eerie participated in my Morena Baccarin MNM order. She was great at replying and paying in a timely manner, and I'd certainly welcome her back for the second head or for any other transaction. :) Thanks!
    15. eerielunarose purchased jewelry from me and couldn't have been better. Friendly, fast payment, and quick to let me know it arrived. Thanks so much! Definitely recommended.
    16. Sold 2 outfits to eerielunarose who was wonderful to deal with. Payment was quick and communication was good. Thank you.
    17. Eerielunarose bought a pair of MSD boots from me. She paid promptly and let me know when they arrived. Thank you Eerielunarose for a great transaction. ^__^
    18. eerielunarose has bought a doll from me and she was polite and prompt with her PMs. She is delightful and sweet to talk to. It was a very pleasant and easy transaction I would love to deal with her again. Thank you!!!!!!!
    19. Eerielunarose recently purchased a few accessories from me. The transaction was a smooth and pleasant experience and payment was prompt. Eerielunarose was a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to sale to her again.
    20. eerielunarose purchased a Soom Gena head from me. She paid promptly and let me know when she arrived there safe. A perfect transaction! Thank you eerielunarose! ^__^