Feedback for Eevell

Jun 21, 2018

    1. Please leave your feedback for me here! :)
    2. @Eevell replied the messages very quickly (good communication, easy to talk to) and send the doll super fast :thumbup
      Thanks again ^^
    3. I bought a wig from Eevell. Communication was great and the wig is just as described. Thanks again :)
    4. I bought a DZ Cornelia from Eevell.
      She was really kind and helpful. She sent the package very quickly and carefully wrapped the doll to protect it. I've had an amazing experience as a buyer, definitely would recommend her! :)
    5. I partially traded clothes & doll (Zaoll Luv WS) with @Eevell and it was an amazing experience :) The communication was smooth and she was really kind and understanding with my schedule too. The doll was shipped safely packed and I got an extra pair of eyes <3 I'd totally recommend Eevell as a trade partner! A reliable and friendly person <3