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Feedback for Ehryn

Sep 27, 2007

    1. I've only got one marketplace sale going on at the moment but I thought I should have a feedback thread, even only for the one so if I sell stuff in the future others can post here too :)

      If i've sold you something and you're happy with the transaction please post here to let others know! If you're not happy with it, please message me first so I can try to resolve any problems you may have ^_^

      If i've bought something from you and you want to leave feedback, feel free so others know I'm a good buyer ^_^


    2. Glad to be leaving the first feedback. Ehryn bought some glass eyes from me, she paid quickly, was always quick with communication and let me know when they arrived. Would do bussiness with her again.
    3. Ehryn bought a pair of doll jeans and boxers from me. Fast payment, AWESPME customer. I wish all buyers where like her!
    4. Did business with Ehryn again :) Still an awesome buyer, with superfast payment!
    5. I have dealed with Ehryn.
      She is friendly and I recived quickly payment. truely reliable person.
      I want to deal with again. Arigatou! :) Miwa
    6. Ehryn commissioned some dragon plushies from me, and she was great with communication and quick to pay. Would do business with her again in a heartbeat. Thank you! :) :aheartbea
    7. Great buyer who is friendly and paid very quickly! Thank you! :)
    8. Excellent buyer, fast payment and great communication!!! Hope to do business with you again! ^_^
    9. Ehryn paid for a dress very promptly.
    10. ...and was a pleasure to work with, thank you so much!!! :) :)
    11. Bought a spare can of MSC from her. ^^ Was wonderful talking with and it came in perfect condition. ^____^ :aheartbea (and those "asian m&m's" lasted all of 10 seconds before I devoured them. XDD lol)
    12. Bought eyes from Ryn. She was a sweety, communication was great and the eyes arrived super fast and in perfect condition. ^_^ Thank you!
    13. Ehryn bought some items from me. Nice transaction! Very responsive and listened to me complain about the blizzard!
      Absolutely wonderful to work with.
    14. I bought a Dream of Doll DoC from Ehryn. PMs were exceptionally prompt, she was super friendly, and this transaction was--quite literally--the BEST transaction that I have ever had on DoA. Ehryn went out of her way to be as helpful as possible to me and she was so incredibly sweet. Not only do I hope to have more future transactions with her, but I also hope to one day get the chance to meet Ehryn because she's that friendly! :D

      Thank you SO much, and I promise to give your boy the best home possible! <3
    15. bought some cloths for tiny from ehryn. she did a good job communicating with me, the buyer. would do business with her again. ^^
    16. I bought a pair of MSD Dollheart shoes from Ryn. Very very sweet and a wonderful person to do business with! The shoes were shipped quickly and they arrived safe sound sound, and they fit my girl great.

      Will definately do business with again. ^^
    17. Ehryn bought a DZ Leo from me and was an utter pleasure to do business with. Excellent communication and payment was full and instant. Very kind and understanding
    18. Sold an msd wig to her. Very nice, paid quickly and answered my pm's very quickly. ^^
    19. I sold a Fullset MNF Seorin to Ehryn and all went perfect. She was very sweet and prompt will both her payment & communication. Thanks so much for giving him a loving new home! ^_^
    20. I bought 2 dress's, shoes and a wig from Ehryn! Super awesome to deal with!!!

      Also I order an AS Kana and Andrea thru her in a GO, uber nice and great to deal with!!!!
      Thanks so much!!