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Feedback for EilonwyG

Oct 5, 2007

    1. It has come to my attention that I am in need of a feedback thread. I'm starting to deal with people more and more on here, so if you have dealt with me, leave me a feedback!
    2. I just finished a comission for EilonwyG! She was wonderful to deal with, and extremelly patient...especially as it took at lot long than anticipated! She paid quickly and responded quickly to pms. I definetly recommned dealing with her! :)
    3. She bought a Kid delf wig from me! Great communication and fast payment. I'd sell to her again ^_^
    4. another great transaction with EilonwyG! highly recommended!
    5. I bought a Souldoll Kimmy from EilonwyG, and it was a great transaction. She had good communication, shipped promptly, and my doll came well packaged and in great condition. Thanks so much! ^_^
    6. I sold a DoC Homme Ivan to Eilonwyg. Her payment was fast and comunication was excelent! Even dealt with my Paypal noobiness -_- that has to get her about 10 more points =3 I recommendz! :)
    7. (+) I sold a Luts MNF Tan Soo. Payment was prompt and communication was good!
    8. I sold a pair of SD goggles. Communication was friendly and payment was quick. Thank you!
    9. I sold a DOT wig. I was contacted and paid in the same day! Great buyer, I would gladly deal with again.
    10. Hi!
      EilonwyG buy a mini guitar for yosd, fast payment and great comunication, very recomended^_^

      Thanks so much!
    11. EilonwyG bought a Bambicrony outfit from me. Communication was great and she sent payment promptly. It was a pleasure to deal with her ^^
    12. EilonwyG commissioned an outfit from me. She was a pleasure to work with, paid quickly and maintained excellent communication. You're welcome back to the Faeries' Bazaar anytime!
    13. EilonwyG purhased the GOONG Manhwa set from my shop! GREAT Communication! FAst Payment! AWEsome to do bussiness with! ^_^ Come back anytime!!! *hug*
    14. Sorry this took so long, was unaware of feedback threads!:doh Ahem, anyways, great transaction with EilonwyG. I bought a older Souldoll boys body from her for my Migidoll Ryu head. No problems whatsoever.
    15. EilonwyG purchased an Elf outfit from me in the Marketplace, and it was a lovely transaction! Quick payment, great communication, and she let me know when the outfit arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again! :)
    16. EilonwyG bought my Fairyland Nanuri 08 head. Paid when she said she would, and let me know when the head arrived. It was a very positive transaction!
    17. I bought a souldoll body from EilonwyG. Item arrived quickly and in good condition. Thank you EilonwyG.:fangirl:
    18. EilonwyG bought a dress and shrug from us. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. Thanks for a perfect transaction!!
    19. EilonwyG bought several items from our last update. Another wonderful transaction and we highly recommend her as a buyer. Thanks again!!
    20. Bought an AA Yi body and am happy with it, she sent as soon as the money was sent and it got here fast and well packaged. Happy to have him!