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Feedback for Einon

May 21, 2008

    1. Since I've purchased a few things on here and it was pointed out to me about a feedback thread, I decided to create one. I buy anything from you (I've not sold stuff, yet)? Do tell what you thought.
    2. einon bought a wooden MSD sized bed from me ^_^ Very smooth transaction and I was very happy that she offered to pay by money order, which was a lot easier for me than paypal. ^_^

      Over all very good and very well handled, would deal with again!
    3. Einon was in my GO for LG eyes. She paid fast, great communication, wonderful to deal with! Thank you :)
    4. Einon purchased a an item from me & the transaction was very pleasant. She maintained excellent friendly communication & paid promptly. I would not hesitate to transact with Einon again in the future & can highly recommend her to others who may deal with her here on DOA in the future. :)
    5. Einon purchased a wig from me and she was an excellent buyer! There was even an issue with shipping and she was very understanding. Thank you!
    6. Einon bought a Puki Pipi from me, was lovely to deal with and it was a great transaction. Thanks!
    7. Einon participated in my Leeke GO~ She was very patient with the delays from Leeke, I would love to see her again in any future GO's :)
    8. Thanks for participating in my group order! Payment was prompt and I really appreciate it!
    9. Einon commissioned an outfit from me.

      She paid promptly and was very nice to work with!

      Thank you so much!
    10. I bought 3 pairs of eyes (2x 8mm and 1x 14mm) from Einon and she sent them super-speedily and kept me informed throughout. They arrived in perfect condition: a wonderful seller. Thank you!
    11. I sold a Piki faceplate to Einon and all was perfect ! She paid in time and she has a very nice communication ! I recommend Einon to everybody !!! Thanks so much !
    12. einon commissioned some puki dresses from me, she was great with descriptions/details + communicated well + I love the pic on my feedback XD
    13. einon recently took part in a For My Doll group order I hosted, and was a pleasure to do business with!

      Thanks again for taking part in my GO, dear~! :D
    14. einon took part in my Fairyland GO recently as well and - as stated above - everything went smoothly, she was a pleasure to do business with as always ^^
    15. Einon was in my EP GO.
      She's really patient with this long waiting period.
      It's my pleasure to have her in my GO :)
    16. I purchased some Puki parts from Einon and she was great to deal with. They got here pretty fast even when coming from overseas. :)
    17. Einon joined my DBdoll group order. She paid quickly and joined the GO just to help us out with discounts. Thank you very much!
    18. I purchased some eyes from her~
      She such a lovely person and was very quick to send it~
    19. i bought a pair of puki feet from einon and they arrived today. i'm very pleased with the transaction and would love to work with einon agian on a future transaction.

      p.s. i love the mermaid stamp X3
    20. Einon commissioned two types of MSD horns from me. Communication couldn't have been better! She was super friendly and paid on time. Thank you so much!