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Feedback for ejchristian86 (Lizzy)

Jul 6, 2007

    1. If you've had a transaction with me (buying, selling, trading, sexual favours ;) ) leave feedback here. :aheartbea
    2. I sold a pair of SD boots to ejchristian86 and the transaction was very nice and smooth, she needed some time to pay me the price and did it in time , a very responsible and communicative buyer!!! Thank you very much ejchristian86 !!! ^^
    3. I bought one of ejchristian86's amazing SD-sized custom Sweet Tooth cakes. :D Believe me, everyone needs at least one of these little craving-inducers (...ok, well unless you're on a diet or something XD). They're just so realistic. But the sweetest thing about these beauties (literally - they don't contain sugar! XD) is the artist herself. :aheartbea She created my cake exactly to my specifications, packaged it (very safely with lots of foamies and bubble wrap), and shipped it right out. I don't know who's happier over this transaction, me or the dolls! But I do know we'll all be enjoying this cake for a long, long time...or at least until it's time to order another one to drool over! Thanks so much, Lizzy!
    4. Thanks ImmortalDarknyss! I'm so glad you and your dollies are enjoying the cake! I took a few pics before I sent it to you - would it be okay if I put those up in the sale thread as well?
    5. I bought from ejchristian86 the Chrom Firelord head. Thanks for nice packing and fast shipping!
    6. I bought the Abio Angel body from ejchristian86. It was really wonderful to be able to meet in person to conclude this sale. I really appreciate that you were willing to let me pick him up. You really take wonderful care of your dolls! The body looked like new! Korin's head has been put on his new body, and the match is perfect (knew it would be). Thank you so much!
    7. I bought Chrom Firelord legs from ejchristian86. The legs were shipped promptly and arrived in perfect condition. I would definitely buy from Lizzy again! :)