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Feedback for ElectricMauve

Apr 30, 2009

    1. Feedback for ElectricMauve

      Any feedback for my transactions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :aheartbea
    2. ElectricMauve bought a LTF Shiwoo sleeping faceplate from me and was an absolutely perfect buyer - paid very quickly and let me know immediately when the package arrived. Definitely recommended! :)
    3. ElectricMauve bought a Little Fee Shiwoo Elf faceplate from me ^^ She was very kind and paid quick! It was a pleasure to deal with her, very recommended :D
    4. ElectricMauve bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when package arrived. Wonderful to do international business with.
    5. Great transaction with ElectricMauve who purchased some eyes from me. Payment was quick and communication was excellent. A perfect buyer. Thanks!:lol:
    6. Chazzi took place in a GO i ran for Crobidoll! Paid everything on time and was understanding about the delays in the order! Really a great transaction :)
    7. * I mean electricmauve ^^; my bad
    8. Another great transaction with ElectricMauve as the buyer.
      Always a pleasure to do business with.
    9. ElectricMauve participated in my very first NDoll group order run and everything was simply perfection. Communication was up to par and payments were sent in swiftly! A grand transaction that I am much appreciative for~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders! :pcake:bcake
    10. ElectricMauve joined my WW group order.
      ElectricMauve was patient throughout the waiting period, prompt payment, and good communication.

      I'd be happy to have ElectricMauve in my GO again :)
    11. Electricmauve joined my nDoll order. She had prompt payment and was very friendly :) Couldn't have gone better! Thanks! <3
    12. ElectricMauve was part of the Crobidoll group order that I ran. She was very sweet and patient. Her communication was prompt as was her payment. She let me know when her items arrived, which is really appreciated. I wouldn't mind working with her again. Thanks a bunch~
    13. ElectricMauve bought some items from our last update. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. We highly recommend her as a buyer. Thanks so much!
    14. Sorry for my delay in feedback >.< Had a great transaction with ElectricMauve who was part of my soom GO. Her payment arrived quickly and our communication was good. Overall an excellent GO partner! Thank you!
    15. ElectricMauve took part in my Fairyland group order. Communication was flawless and payments were made promptly. An excellent buyer to match an excellent transaction. I'd work with her again without hesitation! Excellent. :)

      Thank you for participating in my group orders! ;)

      :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~
    16. ElectricMauve was part of a Rosenlied GO that I ran.
      Seriously such a sweet person to deal with!! Wonderful communication, so polite and would be honored to include her in future GOs I may run :)
    17. ElectricMauve was part of my Luts GO, it was an excellent transaction as always. She paid promptly, replied all my pms fast and friendly. I would love to deal with her again and again! Thanks a lot~~
    18. ElectricMauve was in my LUTS Go. She's lovely to have in a GO and pays quickly :)
    19. ElectricMauve participated in my nDoll GO. She was very prompt in paying and notifying me when she received her package I recommend her to anyone. ^ ^
    20. ElectricMauve participated in my LeekeWorld GO. She was a pleasure to work with, paid quickly for everything, and let me know when her items arrived. I would highly recommend and would love to work with again :) Thank you very much!