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Feedback for Elemental and Elena

Aug 7, 2006

    1. This is my feedback thread. :P If you've had a transaction with me for either my or Elena's merchandise (since I'm selling for her), it'd be great if you could drop a line!

    2. I bought fur wigs from Amanda a while back. Very quick and painfree transaction, reasonable prices, great communication and the wigs got here quickly despite not being pre-made for the sale:)
    3. I recently purchased a set of Leopard Pajamas from Elemental. Arrived promplty and the quality was AMAZING! They fit my boy perfectly! Buy from Elemental and Elena! They are terrific!
    4. I have purchased 3 fur wigs, and am a very satisfied customer. Thank you! I would deal with again in a heartbeat ;)
    5. Great service and the wigs are awesome! will buy from Elemental again!
    6. I just received a pair of *adorable* pajamas from Elemental--the sewing is excellent, the print in the fabric is perfectly in scale (something I'm picky about), and Elemental was wonderful to deal with! I will definitely come back for more of her and Elena's work. :chibi
    7. I bought a pair of pajamas, a necklace and a wig from Elemental. WONDERFUL items all around;I adore them! I will post photos in her thread later today. :3
    8. Elemental is super to work with. she responds to all the pm's you send. and takes the time to listen to all your questions, and answers them! lol
      and the wigs are VERY nice. where most other fur wigs either have the center seam in them that makes them wierd, Hers do not. and the result is wonderful. and others fray and come apart at the outside edges. again, her's don't because she takes the time to stitch them up. so when you style them you don't end up with only a half a wig left like all the others.

      bottom line? Super to deal with and Super good quality. Elemental can count me in as a repeat patron ^_^
    9. Bought a pair of snakeskin Gackt pants and they are awesome, they are very well made and fit my hound like a glove...I will definately buy more...faded jeans{nudge, nudge, know what I mean?hint hint} and a black pair!!
      Great sellers!! highly recommend!!
    10. I got a red mohair wig from elemental and it's the best wig ever I love it; it looks like a professional wig.I will be buying from her again soon ,but right now I'm broke from buying my doll XD and she was very nice and helpful too:)
    11. I bought a pair of trousers for my Saint from Elemental and they are gorgeous. They were shipped and arrived very quickly.
    12. I love the wig so much!! :D Great communication, fast shipping! Would love to do business again!
    13. Hey, one good wig pic deserves another! :)
      Ichigo loves his new wig! The perfect Orange color. :)
      Excellent price, workmanship, and shipping! Highly recommend!

      And now I'm eyeballing those reversible shirts. ;) They look awesome!
    14. She is very kind and considerate. The wigs are really beautiful and silky. Hightly recommended. Thank you very much for all.


    15. Got 3 fur wigs and am really happy with the products! :) thanks so much~
    16. I got a few fur wigs from Elemental, she's wonderful to deal with, great communication and fast shipping! Wigs are also AWESOME~ XD Thanks again! :D
    17. I've bought clothing by Elena via Elemental in person at meets, and they're INCREDIBLY well-made and fit my doll like a dream. Her wigs are lovely, too, and while I don't own one, I've seen many in person and they look great. I'll be buying a DOC size one soon, most likely. ^_^v

      Buy stuff from these people, it's beyond worth it!
    18. Wig, choker and pants care of Elemental. :3

    19. Beautiful wigs and friendly communication, highly recommended ! Thanks !

    20. i adore the wig Elemental made for my Tamsin. it's so perfect for him. she was great to deal with, and amazingly patient with occasionally over-eager me. i'd order from her again in a heartbeat.