Feedback for Elendae_Nersil

Nov 16, 2007

  1. Hey all,

    If you have ever had a transaction from me or I've sold you something, leave me some feedback! <3 <3 !!!
  2. i sold my elf chiwoo head to elendae_nersil. she was prompt in payment and easy to communicate with. she is understanding and friendly, and was great in letting me know when the head arrived.

    i wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again. ^__^
  3. I just finished a comission for Elendae. It was a very easy transaction. She was quick to respond and quick to pay. I definetly recommend her and will be dealing with her again!
  4. I just sold my Fantasy Doll by to her and it was a very easy and fast transaction! She's very pleasant to communicate with as well!
  5. I sold a blonde luts wig to Elendae_Nersil. She was a bit slow to respond but overall it was a good transaction! Thanks :]
  6. Bought a body from this seller. She shipped him so fast my little head did not know he did not have a body XD. Good commuication through out the whole deal would highley recomed this person.
  7. Extremely fast payment, enjoy the eyes!
  8. I sold a Volks SD13 boy body to Elendae_Nersil. While not a bad transaction, I do have a few words of caution or advice for potential buyers/sellers.

    Prior to shipping the package, I did not have any notable problems with the transaction. Elendae_Nersil was quick with replying to PMs, was friendly, and paid quickly as well. It was not until after I had shipped the package that I encountered some issues.

    I shipped the package via 7-day Expedited, which (as I explained to Elendae_Nersil) is not guaranteed for 7 days; it could take up to 10. I had advised her to choose XpressPost, but she declined. I insured the package fully, and sent her the tracking number as soon as I had shipped the package.

    A week after I had sent the package, I received this PM:

    I found it a little rude, considering it hadn't even been 7 full business days since I'd shipped, so really, nothing was wrong. She responded with:

    I told her I was unable to do so until next week, and directed her to a CanadaPost phone number she could call for assistance.

    She assured me that "next week would be okay" for me to inquire at the post office. She then asked:

    This bothered me because I had clearly told her before shipping that the package was insured. I reaffirmed that I had insured the package, and she replied:

    I told her that I was only given the package tracking number, nothing else.

    You mean the tracking number...? I was getting confused at this point; this was all stuff I had either stated or explained before, and it was beginning to frustrate me that she had seemingly missed it all.

    At this point, I was admittedly annoyed ^ ^;; I was incredibly busy with school, as I had told Elendae_Nersil, and though she had previous told me that "next week would be ok", it was clear that she was expecting me to do something.

    So, I called Canada Post myself. I called the EXACT number I had previous given her, and the woman told me that, as the package was shipped on a Friday after 5:00, Day 0 is actually the following Monday. So, if you count the days, not including weekends, the day Elendae_Nersil PMed me was actually only Day 5. On top of all that, Expedited isn't even guaranteed for the time it quotes (as I had told Elendae_Nersil several times). For all we know, it could reasonably and legitimately take nine days.

    Basically, my main qualms with the transaction were this:

    • Buyer seemed to have trouble understanding shipping terms for other countries
    • Buyer didn't seem to pay very good attention to what I had said; I had to repeat things several times, which made things very confusing for me as well
    • Buyer didn't seem to take my suggestions - I called the exact number I had previously given her, and received the exact response requried. I'm not sure Elendae_Nersil even called the CanadaPost number I provided, or else she would have been able to resolve this all herself, without causing me inconvenience.
    • Buyer was overly-persistent, perhaps even impatient.

    Despite this longwinded post, I would not count Elendae_Nersil as a bad buyer/seller, necessarily. I would not hesitate to enter small transactions with Elendae_Nersil, as she was, for the most part, friendly, quick to pay, and quick to reply to PMs. For the larger purchases/sales however, especially for those located outside the US, I would advise caution and clarity. Elendae_Nersil, please don't take this feedback personally; I hope that you can take what I have said here and apply it to future transactions, because I think that's all you need; more experience, especially with non-US members.
  9. Did a trade not to long ago, and El head for Juri '07. Communication was pretty good and pleasant to deal with. She did ship a day later than we had agreed on, but the head arrived in perfect condition. No complaints.

    Thank you. Enjoy the El. ^^
  10. Elendae_Nersil bought a Eowyn cosplay dress from me:) Payment was promt and communication was excellent. She even let me know when the dress arrived to her:) thank you very much for an excellent transaction:)
  11. :D Elendae_Nersil bought a CP boy body for me~~!

    She was really sweet and nice despite me having problems getting to the post office quick due to my stupid evil classes of doom and exams >_<;

    We also kept good communication throughout the transaction! :D
    And! She was the first person I sold something too! <3
    Thank you very much~! ^^
  12. Elendae_Nersil bought a pair of glass eyes from me. She paid quick and communication was great. I wouldn't hesitate to have another transaction with her, she's an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you so much!
  13. I made a trade with her and the head arrived today, nice communication, nice packaging and fast shipping. glad to do business again with her:)
  14. I just complete my very first ( and SUCCESSFUL) trade with Elendae_Nersil!!! Great communication and fast shipping!! Would certainly do business with again!! ^____^
  15. My head came in the mail Monday! Shipping was fast and she kept in great communication through the transaction. Thanks~!! <3
  16. I bought El's head from Elendae_Nersil ! The transaction was very nice and successful . The communication was very fast . The package arrived very fast and packed safely .
    Thanks again !
  17. bought a soom dillui head from Elendae_Nersil.
    very good communication and fast shipping. Excellent seller!
  18. Elendae_Nersil sold me a girl body. It got here super fast and was packed to perfection! Wonderful transaction, thank you for helping me make my girl whole!​
  19. Elendae commissioned me to put elf ears on her beautiful El, Morgan. She was a pleasure to deal with, quick to pay and let me know as soon as he got back home. I'd be happy to do business with her again! :)
  20. Elendae_Nersil commissioned me for a tunic and poet shirt for an SD13 boy. Communication was great and she provided all of the details I needed to make the correct outfit for her boy. Payment went well, and she let me know when the outfit was received! I look forward to doing business with her again in the future! :)