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Feedback for Elfkin

Feb 15, 2009

    1. If you've bought or sold with me... Please feel free!
    2. Elfkin is wonderful to do business with! The transaction could not have been smoother: super friendly communication and prompt payments.

      Thanks for giving Winny a new home! Truly a pleasure, and highly recommended!

    3. Elfkin is fabulous! She bought a DIM Andrea from me & the whole transaction went perfectly. Thanks so very much!
    4. I sold to Elfkin. She was a pleasure to deal with -fast payment and PM responses!
      Thanks again!
    5. I bought a top hat from Elfkin for my SDs and it is just superb! Great transaction from beginning to end. I will definitely be back! Thanks!
    6. bought a tophat from Elfkin :) it arrived quickly and safely. thank you!
    7. I purchased a beutiful top hat, which arrived in perfect condition ! :) thank you so much.

      P.S. I will be back, lol
    8. i purchased a OOAK steampunk suit, and a striped top hat from Elfkin.... they are beautiful... and made wonderfully.... a lot of care has gone into the making. the transaction was smooth from beginning to end.... great tailor, great seller.
    9. I bought from Elfkin a top hat I'm very pleased with! :D
      Elfkin answered friendly all my questions, and was a pleasure to deal with!
      No doubt I'll buy again from Elfkin!
    10. Bought an awesome top hat from Elfkin. It's exactly what I wanted! She's very talented, and I'll certainly be buying from her again.
    11. I bought an Uncle body from Elfkin and it was a perfect transaction from start to finish!

      Thanks so much Elfkin!
    12. I commissioned a mad hatter for my MSD JD minimee from Elfkin the end of January. After about a 3 week wait, I received the most beautiful hat from her, but unfortunately it was SD size. She graciously offered to make me another one and keep the SD sized hat. After another 3 week turnaround, she finished the replacement hat and mailed it out. After another week passed, I started getting worried when I had'nt received it and contacted her about it. She was sure it had been lost in the mail and promptly made me yet another hat, and priority mailed it to me. I received it today, and have to say it is just lovely and definitely was worth the wait. I am pleased with the outcome of our transaction, and have to give Elfkin props for her tenacity and for always staying pleasant and replying to messages very quickly.


      Cheerio and thanks again for your vision and artistry in helping to make my project complete.
    13. Elfkin purchased a pair of Dika Jointed Hands from me, and everything was smooth as buttah! Couldn't ask for a better buyer...super sweet and very quick to pay. Great all around...highly recommend :)
    14. I purchased a Steampunk (black) top hat from Elfkin. It is perfect! Really nicely made and fits even my big-headed dolls! :D

      Transaction was very smooth with no problems whatsoever. I'd definitely recommend Elfkin's sales... In fact, I can't wait to buy more!
    15. I sold an SD silver wig to Elfkin. It was a very quick, smooth transaction, and I'd happily buy from or sell to her in the future.
      And I hope her doll likes his new wig. ^_^
    16. I commissioned a Hound size Steampunk outfit from Elfkin. It is truly superb in every way. The only thing I specified was that I wanted a sort of burgundy jacket and mix and match colors for the rest. She picked out all the other fabrics and her choices were spot on (and I'm very fussy). The workmanship is fantastic and the fit is amazing. The outfit also fits my Hound on a v. 1 Spiritdoll body. As a surprise--she included an extra hat! I would not hesitate to commission her again. And she always responded to my emails promptly.

    17. I sold a Luts Silver Grey wig to Elfkin. It was a great transaction with fast payment and speedy replies to my PMs. She also let me know when the wig arrived and that it was perfect for her doll.

      I would definitely buy or sell to her again!
    18. I commissioned an outfit from Elfkin/Bloo Frog, and there was a bit of a hitch, but have to say the workmanship is wonderful! ( I don't know how she isn't yet blind by sewing on all those tiny buttons!), and worth the wait.
      Elfkin was totally friendly throughout the transaction, and now my purse hates me!( But my dolls LOVE me!)
    19. Sold a wig to Elfkin and she was a pleasure to do business with! She paid promptly and communication was very easy with her. Great buyer! Thanks again!