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feedback for elizabeth74

Oct 16, 2009

    1. I transacted with elizabeth74 for a notdoll lucy she arrived safe and sound
    2. I bought a Bobobie Green Pixie from elizabeth74. She was packed very well and just as described. She even included a cute wig and a CoA for the Pepstar face-up.

      Shipping was rather slow though. When I paid on the 10th, elizabeth74 said it might take a few days for her to ship, which was fine. A week later, nothing, so I checked again and she said she'd ship the next day (18th). I finally received her today (27th) and saw that she hadn't been shipped till the 21st. She did upgrade to Priority Mail to make up for shipping late.

      I'm personally not upset because I know the holidays are a hectic time, but wanted to give a heads up.
    3. I bought a Garden of Dolls Ppoppo from elizabeth74. Doll arrived packed securely and in great condition. =)

      However, shipping was a bit slow. Communication during the wait was good. I wouldn't have minded waiting if I'd been told from the get-go that it would be a while before she could be shipped.

      Otherwise, excellent transaction. =)