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Feedback for Ellanie

Sep 14, 2009

    1. Since, I haven't got one yet, and now started to make use of the Marketplace, I thought I'd need one of these. :)

      Please leave any and all feedback for me here! Thanks!
    2. I sold a BBB Bao to Ellanie! Communication was great and pleasant. Payment was quick, and she let me know very quickly when the package arrived there! She was very nice and patient and was all around a fantastic buyer! I would deffinately do business with her again anytime ^.^!
    3. Ellanie purchased a MiniFee head from me, and was simply lovely to work with. Communication with her is absolutely brilliant, payment was prompt, and she let me know when it arrived safely! There was a heartstopping moment when we thought a little smudge of dirt was a crack in the resin, but everything turned out okay!

      I love working with buyers who are so much fun communicating with, and who let me know when there's even what turns out to be a false-alarm issue. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
    4. Bought a scarred Minifee Shiwoo head from Ellanie, and the transaction was great. The head got here in perfect condition, very carefully packed and insured. To give you an idea of how long this whole transaction took, I paid for it on Friday. And now, Monday, it's in my hands!

      All in all a wonderful transaction. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again!
    5. Participated in my Soom Ai split. Perfect communication, and prompt payment. Thank you!
    6. I did a trade with Ellanie !
      She was really polite and tran
      saction went smoothly! I loved all the items she gave me too ^^
      Will not hesitate to deal with in the future!
    7. I bought a resin soul bao from her and the transaction went amazingly and my friend adores the doll!!
    8. I bought a RS/BBB Hybrid Bei from Ellanie,
      The transaction went smoothly and she was a joy to buy from!
      Thanks again!
    9. I bought Winnie Dee Ai horns are now shipped! from Ellanie and she was amazing, communication was fast and friendly she let me know when they shipped and when I got them they were packed nicely!

      Would buy from again!
    10. I was lucky enough to be able to buy Ellanie's Soom Appini parts from her at a very fair price, she was open and warm in communications, which were all lovely! The parts shipped quickly, and very safely, and are all exquisite, exactly as described! I couldn't be more happy with the outcome, and would happily do business with her in the future. Thank-you so much, you've made the middle of the week quite wonderful for me!! :D

    11. Ellanie joined my Soom Syen split for the cutie hands. She was fabulous to work with, paid her portion quickly, and as soon as the parts arrived, she let me know so that I could mark them as arrived. I would happily work with her again, she was a real pleasure! <333
    12. Just finished a very pleasant transaction with Ellanie.
      thank you very much!!
    13. I bought an Appini from Ellanie : transaction was smooth, she keeped me informed about sending the package , friendly communication, thanks !

      Would buy from again :)
    14. I bought a Notdoll Tanned Lucy from Ellanie. She is such a lovely person to deal with! Communication was wonderful!
      I highly recommend her!

    15. Did a trade with her! GREAT SELLER/TRADER! Love working with her, fast communications always, quick shipment, great packed as well!
    16. A+++
      Great Buyer!
      Ellanie bought a DZ Aimi off me. Great to talk to,Great to deal with.
      Would deal with again. ^_^
    17. I recently bought a Puki Mary from Ellanie on layaway. It was a great transaction! She even took time out from a very busy schedule to make sure my new little one got in the mail as soon as possible! Thanks again.
    18. Ellanie was wonderful with me. I was a little skittish at times about details with the doll, and she was patient. I'm so glad. I love the cutie I bought from her. It was a great transaction.

      Hoping to have future contact. :fangirl:
      Your Wan Wan fits right in and will be much loved around here.