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Feedback for EllianElenion

Aug 4, 2010

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    1. This is a Flaker feedback for EllianElenion

      The 07-21-2011 EllianElenion asked me by pm about buying from me a Soom Sphaler Dragon Legs and Claws, first telling me to reduce the price so much, but we talked so long and we reach a conclution the 07-22-2011 to sell her the legs with the price of 250$ including shipping and if she wants I could make and airbrushed blushing for free (giving her the favor to sell so much reduced price). That day she told me to put ON HOLD because she will go on holydays but will contact me... and I did it because she told me to pay soon with a two months payment.

      Next, the 07-28-2011 She say me to do the first payment of 100$ the same friday of that week. And the next payment (150$) about the next month.
      I told her that it's ok but don't forget the paypal fee. I sent her my paypal address.

      Until then I didn't get reply from her, I sent her a pm the 08-24-2011 and I'm still waiting, and I seen that she was connected a lot of days before and after my last pm.... I put in advice her thet I'll wirte this feedback and I re-active the legs onsale.

      Because of her actitude I lost so much time on this sale.
    2. Positive feedback for EllianElenion! She bought an Ajumapama hoodie from me, and was very pleasant to communicate with, as well as paying super-fast. I would be glad to do business with her again :)
    3. Positive feedback for EllianElenion.
      She bought a Dreaming Doll Misora from me, followed all requirements of the layaway, was very friendly to talk to and let me know when she arrived.
      Would be a pleasure to do business with her again! :)