Feedback For Elvenrose

Feb 2, 2017

    1. Hi,

      Please leave feedback for me here ^_^
      Thank you!

    2. Elvenrose adopted Kien head from me, The payment was fast and promptly, Overall, i really satisfied with this transaction, Thank you so much i really appreciate this moment with you ;)
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    3. Elvenrose purchased Soom Hyperon head from me and the deal went great, I'll be happy to deal with Elvenrose again anytime! :)
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    4. I purchased some clothing from Elvenrose and they are excellent :)
      Fast and safe shipping and friendly communication.
      I will happily buy from again :)
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    5. I purchased a ShouShou doll head from Elvenrose. She was on time and great with her communication. Shipped very quickly and the head came packed very well. Head arrived when it was supposed to and he's beautiful. Would most definitely purchase from her again.
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    6. I purchased a doll head from Elvenrose. Head was exceptionally well packaged and head was just as pictured/described. Great communication. Would definitely buy from this seller again. Thanks!!!
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    7. Elvenrose is superb and kind! They were prompt in answering my messages and they shipped right away after I paid! I had a positive experience and greatly appreciate it all. I purchased a sio2 sp Taolu head from Elvenrose. It came in time as I purchased this doll head to give as a gift to my friend. Fast shipping! I'm excited to give this head as a gift. Thank you! :sumomo::hamster::celebrate
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    8. Elvenrose bought from me body Yo-SD from Volks. The deal went very well: fast payment, friendly communication, the buyer immediately reported receipt of the parcel! Great buyer! :3nodding:
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    9. I bought a Miadoll Soo head from Elvenrose. Shipping was fast, Soo was packed very securely and arrived in great condition. Thanks!
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    10. I bought a Ringdoll Alice01 Fulldoll from Elvenrose
      The shipping was really fast
      Doll is in PERFECT condition like new as she describe to me
      Recommended Seller ;)
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    11. I purchased a Tengo head from Elvenrose. It was a real pleasure from start to finish. The shipping was very fast and accurate. Condition of the head was really good. I'd highly recommend her. I would very love to work with her again anytime. Thanks so much!
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    12. I bought a dollstown girl body from Elvenrose. It was a smooth and easy international transaction with excellent and nice communication. Body was in perfect condition and very well packed and was shipped out fast. I would definetly buy again from Elvenrose.
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    13. 100% Positive!
      I bought a Dollstown 18yo Boy body from Elvenrose and the transaction went beautifully! Communication was very good and the body was very well packaged an shipped quickly! I highly recommend them and would certainly buy from them again!
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    14. I purchased a Feeple65 body from @Elvenrose and it went very well and smoothly. Communication was very quick and the body shipped out almost immediately after I paid. The body arrived safe and sound and in new condition. I would certainly buy from them again and recommend them to anyone interested in what they have for sale!
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    15. I bought a Soom ID72 body from Elvenrose. It was my 2nd buy from her. As the first time it was a smooth and super fast transaction. Body was in perfect condition, communication was nice and prompt. I highly recommend her as a seller.
    16. I bought a head from Elvenrose and it was a very smooth transaction.
      Nice communication and the head was shipped out fast and well packaged.
      I can highly recommend her as a seller!
      Thanks again <3
    17. I bought a Soom Aslan Head from Elvenrose :3
      And I remember I also bought another Doll from Elvenrose! Was very friendly and allowed even for a complicated and long layaway :o.
    18. I bought a Venitu from Elvenrose, fast and easy communication.
    19. I bought a Granado Jane on layaway from Elvenrose, and the experience was amazing! As soon as she was paid off, she was shipped. She traveled a long distance to get to me, and arrived safe and sound. All parts were wonderfully and carefully wrapped to keep them safe, and I'm very happy to have her. I would love to work with Elvenrose in the future. Thank you!!! <3
    20. I bought a full doll Soom Aslan from Elvenrose and it was a very pleasant and smooth transaction! They were very forthcoming in allowing layaway and therefore enabled me to bring an absolute grail doll home ♡ The shipment was fast and secure! Absolutely recommended and would gladly adopt another doll from again ♡