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Feedback for Elzaim

Sep 26, 2009

    1. If you've bought or sold to/from me, then here's the place to leave some feedback. I'd really appreciate it! :)
    2. I recently sold two pairs of eyes to Elzaim. She was a sweetheart to deal with and payment was very fast! A+ buyer, would definitely do business with her again. :aheartbea
    3. I purchased a dress from Elzaim at a local meet. It was very well made, reasonably priced and absolutely gorgeous. I'd absolutely buy from her again ♥
    4. Positive Feedback

      I've purchased four sweaters, and on beautifully made necklace from elzaim. She is ways a pleasure to deal with, a prompt and reliable seller :)

      I look forward to ordering from her again~

      your jewellery is just wonderful!
    5. I received three custom-made necklaces from Elzaim and they are all BEAUTIFUL! <3 Thank you so much hun!

      Elzaim also participated in a Dollmore order I ran. She paid promptly, communication was great, she's an all-around sweetheart to deal with! Would definitely order with her again. <3
    6. Positive Feedback

      Elzaim participated in a small Tata's Paradise Go that i organized. She was excellent to work with, she paid for her portion promptly and was very patient through the entire process. A pleasure to work with , and i look forward to working with her again in the future.
    7. I participated in a trade with Elzaim and it went flawlessly. :D I'd be more than happy to do business with her again anytime!!
    8. Positive Feedback

      This feedback is long over due, I think almost a month and a half ago I comissioned Elzaim for two skirts (based after the shonkie and appini outfit color scheme for my girl so she could wear skirts instead of the shorts) and a pair of tights that would work with my hati's fantasy paws. The quality was superb, she sent me pictures of the finished products and met up with me to give me the items opposed to shipping them to save on cost.

      Over all a pleasure to work with, kept me updated with the process and i am extreamly statisfied with her work. I now own 2 dresses , 2 skirts and one of her wire wrapped headbands for the Teenie Gem size and I couldnt be happier with them.

      Thank you so much Elzaim.
    9. I comissioned Elzaim for a special headband, ring, necklace jewelry set. She is probably the sweetest person i've ever met. She always noticed me about every detail with the comission, she also looked up special beads for me, and for this i'm very greateful. :aheartbea
      I will surely return to her for more beautiful jewelries. :D
      Thank you so much for making me an amazing and special set. <3
    10. I Bought a lot of Impldoll Baby Fantasy Parts from Elzaim. It was a real pleasure dealing with her. She went above and beyond to help keep me informed when the packaged was delayed in arriving and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy from her. The package was well packed and I couldn't be more happy. Thanks again!
    11. I comissioned Elizaim for a pair of matching necklace for my ladies. I was a bit confused about what i really wanted, and she was so sweet and patient with me, i can't really thank her for it. :)
      The necklaces are amazing, very unique and special, and she also made an extra as a gift, which i love truly! :aheartbea
      Thank you for everything dear!!! :D
    12. I commissioned her for a custom tote bag for my girls and I am absolutely in love with the final product. She was fantastic with communication throughout the process, shipped it very quickly with great packaging and overall I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. Thank you so much for the bag! I love love love it!
    13. Bought a Doll-leaves Noir head from her <3 He arrived safe and sound and is absolutely amazing <3 Thanks again! :D
    14. A++++++++++++++++ transaction!

      We had an amazing good trade with Elzaim - two of my MSD dolls for Migidoll Shion head and a big wardrobe of Elzaim couture house made clothes for my SD girls. Both boxes arrived the same day and Elzaim let me know that my side arrived even before it showed up in the tracking system! The head is perfect. The clothes are SUPER HIGH QUALITY and I totally mean it - seams, edges, stitches, decorations - absolutely perfect. I will look for an opportunity to do business with her again pretty soon, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
    15. Traded Dollheart items with Elzaim, communication and shipping was very fast. Thank you for the smooth transaction! :D
    16. A++++++++++++++ transaction!

      We had yet another fantastic partial trade with Elzaim! This time she traded a number of her gorgeous handmade corset outfits (superb quality, perfectly made!) for my Ringdoll tiny bunny dolls plus some money from me. Even though the trade didn't go exactly according to the plan we worked out - it supposed to be a bigger trade, but I sold another doll which was the part of that bigger trade - I can't be more grateful to Elzaim for her bottomless patience with me and her will to work around the trade a bit more. The outfits arrived in the wink of an eye and - yet again! - Elzaim was so very kind to me and allowed me about a week to beat the cold I had and wait out the snowstorm and finally make it to the Post office to ship her tinies. She kept in touch with me throughout the whole process and let me know that my end arrived even before it was updated in the tracking system.

      I will be delighted to do business with Elzaim again at any time and highly recommend her as a great seamstress, reliable business partner and an absolutely wonderful kind person to deal with! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
    17. I sold a Mystic Kids Lillian to Elzaim as well as did a partial trade for a couple of pairs of eyes from her store. This transaction was nothing short of fantastic; communication was constant and pleasant, she let me know when she received the doll, and she shipped out the eyes very quickly. I would absolutely recommend her as both a buyer and a trading partner. :D