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Feedback for Em

Aug 26, 2008

    1. I don't think she has a thread but I'm going to start one for her.

      Em commissioned three lingerie sets from me and she was wonderful to deal with. She paid promptly and let me know as soon as the sets arrive. I highly recommend her! Thanks so much, Em!
    2. Em adopted NS DC Bella from me.
      Great communication and Fast Payment.
    3. Em ordered some headbands from me. She is very fast to communicate and fast with payment as well. Transaction went as smooth as I could ever hope for :)
    4. Em bought a pair of Soom Grey ears from me. Everything went smoothly with quick payment and good communication. I would definitely sell to her again anytime. :)

      Thanks again!
    5. Em bought a Saintbloom girl from me~

      Amazing communication and fast payment. A super quick and wonderful transaction overall~ No complaints here.

      Thank you again, dear~ I hope you love your new girl!
    6. first of all , i am happy to meet many friends here,
      and i am very very happy to leave the feedback here,
      she bought doll eyes from me , i am a maker , she is very very kind and friendly person , high recommend to all of you ,she is one of the best people to build our friendship in our life .
    7. Em purchased a LeekeArianna over a layaway. Em paid promptly, great communication, and was very understanding! Thanks for such a great transaction! :chocoberry

      I bought a Doll Chateau Christina fullset from Em. She was very responsible about letting my know in the sales post about the few superficial flaws the doll had that she came with from the company. She was packaged very well, came with all her extras as promised, and shipped promptly. She was very proactive when it came to communicating and a pleasure to buy from. Thank you!
    9. Em purchased some Lati Yellow Clothes from me, smooth transaction, fast communication and prompt payment. Would highly recommend her to any buyer or seller :)
    10. Em purchased doll clothes from me and was very pleasant to deal with - a great transaction ^^

      thanks so much!
    11. Sold a doll to Em and it was an all around fab transaction! Very friendly, paid promptly and let me know when the doll arrived safely. Thanks again!
    12. Em bought YoSD clothes from me, and it was a great transaction!
      Perfect communication and prompt payment. I'd gladly sell to her again! Thanks! :)
    13. Em sold me a Leeke Tan Ariana and sent it out very quickly, went from Australia to US in 5 days. Great transaction and thank you!
    14. Em bought a Spiritdoll Proud Girl body off me, and the transaction went perfectly. She paid promptly, was friendly throughout and our pickup arrangement went off without a problem. I would definitely recommend Em as a buyer!
    15. Em purchased a Lati Yellow from me and was absolutely lovely. Sent payment really quickly and was very friendly throughout. Thanks!
    16. I purchased a Doll Chateau Queena from Em, and couldn't have been happier with the transaction. She was super kind and patient with me, and answered all of my questions while I pondered purchase. She even put the doll on hold for me while I waited for paypal funds to finish processing. She sent the invoice really quickly and shipped her just as fast. Packaging was great, the doll was exactly as she described, and I am very very happy.

      Would recommend Em as a seller here!
    17. I purchased LLT Edria on Spiritdoll body from Em and it was very pleasant experience. Em agreed to give me layaway an for partial trade, answered quickly and so on. Shipping was very fast and doll was very carefully packed.
      Many thanks to such a polite and responsible seller!
    18. I bought a Realfee Pano from Em. She allowed me to make payments, which was the only way I could have managed to get him. The doll was packed quite well in his original box (which was also nicely wrapped). He is perfect! I am very happy with Em and would definitely do business with her again.