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Feedback for Emeraldeyes

Sep 1, 2007

    1. Feedback for Emeraldeyes please post here if you have bought or sold to me! :D Thankyou!
    2. Yeah, we're the first. Our transacton with Emeraldeyes was perfect. Quick payment and a pleasure to deal with. Hassle free. Thanks so much!
    3. Bought a DoC Kirill from Emeraldeyes, great person to work with and is very understanding. The doll showed up in lovely condition and was packaged well. Definitely a great seller!
    4. Emeraldeyes bought a tiny crocheted dress from me. It was a perfect transaction! Thanks so much!
    5. Emeraldeyes took part in my group split order, everything went great and Emeraldeyes was a great person to do business with!
    6. Emeraldeyes participated in my Dollga group order. She was prompt with payment and thoroughly patient with the wait. I highly recommend her.

      Thank you so much for joining!
    7. Emeraldeyes participated in my Makoeyes group order. She was great with communication, paid promptly, and let me know when the order arrived safely. Ideal participant!