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Feedback for EmilyPB

Apr 22, 2007

    1. Since I am going to start selling and buying on here..... Thanks!

      I try to always live with integrity and honor. What else is there?
    2. Emily, I think you should PM one of the mods, and ask them to move this thread to the "Individual Feedback Threads" subforum; this one is for records of bad transactions. Welcome, and the mods will get you to the right place! :daisy
    3. Sold a doll to EmilyPB -- she couldn't have been lovelier to deal with (: Thanks for such a smooth transaction!
    4. Bought a sweet little Volks Yo SD from Emily and could not be happier with the transaction. Love my doll. Emily was great to deal with! bjbnut
    5. bought eyes from me; was very patient, trusting and prompt with all responses. A pleasure to do business with and I highly recommend her.
    6. I sold my doll to Emily.
      Quick payment & great communication!
      It was a wonderful transaction !!
      Emily is a great buyer!!! Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Thanks, Emily~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. I just bought some Dollheart SD girls' shoes from Emily. They arrived swiftly, in great shape. I definitely recommend dealing with her!
    8. I just had another lovely transaction with EmilyPB: I bought a pair of LeekeWorld sandals from her, and once again she was super-fast about shipping, as well as being friendly and communicative in PMs. She was even nice enough to include extras with the sandals! :aheartbea
    9. purchased some dolly clothes and she sent a beautiful extra with it! would gladly do buisness with again.
    10. EmilyPB bought a doll from me.
      Fast payment and friendly communication. She's a great buyer! I highly recommend her!
      Thank you very much! ^^
    11. EmilyPB just bought a Dollheart outfit from me. She paid super fast and was extremely patient with the fact I was in Japan on vacation when she first contacted me. I would definitely sell to her again! :chocoheart
    12. I adopted a sweet girl from Emily and everything went smoothly. My adopted girl is being very good and I have no complaints! Emily will get visitation went I post her picture on doa.
      I would recommend Emily to everyone that wants to expand their family and spoil they're dolls/kids.
      Thanks Emily
    13. I adopted a Hisui from EmilyPB, and she shipped her Priority Mail minutes after I sent payment. She was wrapped safely and arrived clean and in beautiful condition!
      We had good, friendly communication all through the transaction.
      What a wonderful, honest, caring seller!
    14. Purchased a dress from EmilyPB, it came lickety-split, and she even sent an extra outfit that's killer cute! Thank you~!
    15. I had a WTB thread for Volks Nagisa. Emily contacted me and made my dream come true. She sold her doll at a very fair price (not even asking for the kidney I would have given for this girl!) and worked with me on a short layaway. She was kind, generous, and the most wonderful person to deal with in every way. I am completely grateful and can not say enough about her good nature and integrity. The doll was perfectly packed and sent with great love and care.

      Thank you, Emily!!! (and if you ever do want that kidney, PM me:aheartbea)
    16. Bought a Dollheart outfit from EmilyPB. The shipping was super fast and the outfit exactly as described. I look forward to doing business with her again! :aheartbea
    17. I purchased a Volks outfit from EmilyPB recently, and recieved it quickly and in great condition. She was a pleasure to do business with! Thanks very much!
    18. I had a happy transaction with EmilyPB in which I bought some MSD outfits. She packaged everything super well, and it arrived quickly. :) Thanks Emily!
    19. I am so happy and satisfied with my transaction with EmilyPB. The shoes were perfect and awesomely priced. Great communication and prompt responses. I would definitely buy from her again . She is a lovely seller ! XOXO
    20. I bought an elfdoll alice from her and she was great about it when I accidentally gave her part of my address incorrectly and it was returned.. she had to ship it to me twice!
      Thanks for being understanding :) Love my piggie girl, highly recommend