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feedback for EmilytheEll

May 8, 2011

    1. Please leave feedback for me if we've had a transaction,
      thank you :lol:

      EDIT: I've gone through both a name and pronoun change, thus the older feedback uses my previous name and pronouns, editing this in for clarifications sake :)
      #1 EmilytheEll, May 8, 2011
      Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
    2. Emily purchased a doll from me. She answered e-mails and paid quickly, and let me know as soon as he arrived. Thank you very much for a smooth transaction!
    3. I purchased an Impldoll blue Jasper from EmilytheEll. Communication was spot-on, he shipped out right away, and arrived safely packaged. Excellent seller. <3
    4. Nathaniel purchased two pair of eyes for me. Communication was great with him, and payment was on time. In addition, he was extremely patient with me, as family issues meant everything from me was a little slower than normal. I really appreciated that! Thanks for being a wonderful buyer!!
    5. Positive feedback for EmilytheEll
      Nathaniel purchased a wig from me. Excellent communication, fast payment and a lovely human being all round.
      He even contacted me when it arrived and left feed back without prompting

      EmilytheEll bought a Mu doll body from me (resin soul faun body) and the transaction was perfect! He was friendly, courteous, prompt and fun to deal with! I would not hesitate to deal with him again, anytime! Thanks for the great experience!