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Feedback for emsinnott

Nov 23, 2010

    1. I haven't bought or sold anything yet, BUT when I do please leave feedback! If something is not up to standard, let me know and I'll fix it!! :)
    2. I am SOOOO excited to be the first one to put feedback down for this wonderful DOA member.. she wanted to buy my Lusis on Layaway and I did not expect final payment until January.. next thing I know, she took me by complete surprise and paid her in full shortly after the initial down payment.. I have to say, she has been so wonderful to deal with .. from email interaction to her sweet personality.. This was a wonderful experience and I would be happy to sell and deal Emsinnott anytime again!

      Sweetie.. anytime you have any questions or need help with your new Unoa.. Please feel free to email me! Can't wait to see the pictures of your new girl


    3. I did a partial trade/payment for emsinnott's tan Limhwa Half Elf. emsinnott is probably the nicest person I have ever met on the board! She's super friendly, super prompt with PMs--when we were both on at the same time, I would have a reply within minutes. Communication was stellar and I felt confident entering into the trade. :) I've had a couple of bad experiences with traders in the past, but this experience with emsinnott has made me feel more confident in trading on DoA. ^^

      I couldn't ask for a better transaction; if I had the chance to enter into another with emsinnott, I would in a heartbeat. <3
    4. Emsinnott purchased several items from one of my sales threads, she was prompt with replies and payment and I would gladly do business with her again. Hope your little ones enjoy their new outfits! ^.^
    5. Emsinnott purchased a set of littlefee wings from me. She promptly replied to messages and payment was quick. I hope your dolls enjoy their new wings! I'd certainly love to do business with her again.
    6. Sold a tibetan wig to emsinnott, and received prompt payment and great communication! Thanks!
    7. Sold to emsinnott, fast payment and kept in-touch, thanks so much! =^_^=
    8. i purchased a Lishe from ems and i couldnt be happier! two huge hugs for all the extra goodies!
    9. Yet another wonderful transaction with Emsinnott!

      She bought my Unoa girl Berlin (Lusis face) from me with a extra Sist face, default wig and big bust :)
      We had an arrangement of two payments, and her 2nd and last payment arrived, even before the original agreement.

      Hello E.
      Thank you for this great transaction .. Enjoy your little girl. She is being mailed to you on Monday :)
      Best wishes
    10. I bought two BEAUTIFUL, professional-looking dresses that Emsinnott made, and it was a fantastic transaction! She was willing to negotiate with me on the price, was very friendly in all our communcations...plus, the dresses themselves are FANTASTIC. If she hadn't told me, I would have thought they were bought through a store. They're gorgeous, they fit perfectly, and I'm so, so glad she let me buy them!
    11. emsinnott ordered a custom hoodie from me recently and was wonderful to work with! Highly recommended!
    12. I traded my Unoa Akubi faceplate for emsinnott's puki Madeline. The trade was very smooth, the communication was excellent! I'm very happy and would LOVE to deal with emsinnott again! :D

      A+ :D
    13. I adopted a Puki Ruby from emsinnott. She was great to deal with, very communicative and shipped very quicky. I'm really pleased with the transaction and would gladly buy from her again! :)
    14. emsinnott bought a MNF Juri Event head from me, and she was awesome throughout the transaction. When she received the head, not only did she tell me it had arrived, but she had done a faceup for the head ....which made me glad I still had her address... so that I could steal it back later! haha Just kidding. OR AM I?!
    15. Bought a wig from emsinnott. Very nice and shipped my wig right away. Just took awhile with Canadapost being on strike but that's not her fault :) Would do business with again :) Thanks!!
    16. me and emsinnott had traded a hello kitty outfit for a pair purple heels. I had deleted my old messages and lost her name. I didn't get myy items for a while so I had to unfortunately open a paging thread. In the end it wasn't her fault that the shoes had to be sent out again. But you must pm her to hear anything from her. But I would still do another transation with her in the future. I was very happy with what I got and she even thre in a free dress :D thanks for the trade! Could you also please leave me feedback?
    17. Feedback left! Thanks for understanding!
    18. emsinnott bought a top from our last update. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. Highly recommended buyer. Thanks so much!
    19. Bought a headback from me and transaction could not have been better!
    20. Emsinnott bought a Dollzone Vampire dress from me. She paid fast and has good communication. Even let me know she was going on vacation and that she wouldn't get the dress until she came back. I would do business with her again. It was over all a pleasant transaction!
      Thanks and enjoy! ^.^