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Feedback for enchantedlily

Jul 1, 2011

    1. Please leave feedback here!! Sorry for the late setup of this thread. I didn't realise I needed to start one :doh:doh
    2. Positive! enchantedlily bought me a Fairyland Puki Darjeeling and it was a wonderful transaction ^^ the payments were very fast and the communication was very friendly :) I'm so glad with this sale, highly recommended buyer! Thanks a lot!
    3. enchantedlily purchased a PukiPuki Sugar from me. She did so on a short layaway and though the dates of individual payments varied a bit, Sugar was paid off by the promised date which is all that matters. She kept in excellent communication and even though it took around 5 or 6 weeks to arrive, EL kept in constant communication as we fretted over the infuriatingly non-working tracking! But everything went perfectly and Sugar finally got home. I highly, highly recommend enchantedlily for Marketplace transactions.
    4. Just had a positively amazing trade with Enchatedlily!! Her communication was beyond amazing and friendly, the dolls were packed extremely well for their long trip home! Excellent communication. Everything was perfect! Would totally purchase or trade with her again!! :D

      Thank you do much again dear!!! <3
    5. I recently sold a Multihead hybrid to Enchantedlily on a short layaway. All of her payments were on time, her communication was prompt ( not to mention amazingly cute and bubbly!), I would sell to her again.
    6. enchantedlily sold me a Lati outfit. Item arrived on time, seller was great with communication, and overall it was a very smooth transaction. Thanks again!
    7. Enchanted lily sold me Pukifee Luna, and she is absolutely fantastic to work with. Luna arrived packed beautifully and very quickly, even though she was traveling from Australia to Georgia USA!

      Wonderful person, I would buy or sell with EL any time! Thanks!
    8. EnchantedLily bought a Custom House Uri from me. She communicated througout, paid promptly, and was a joy to deal with. Thanks so much!
    9. Enchantedlily bought my Supia Rosy on layaway and she was amazing to deal with. Always paid on time, kept in touch throughout with wonderful PMs! Definitely highly recommended as a buyer. Thanks very much Amy, enjoy your new girl!! :)
    10. Enchantedlilly purchased an asleep aidelon tiny from me. She paid promptly, kept excellent communication throughout the transaction and let me know when she arrived safely. Thank you so much for the smooth transaction! Highly recommended!
    11. Enchantedlily bought a bobobie elfkin with daisydayes hooves from me, and she is super extremely sweet! She was a joy to talk with, she paid me exactly when she said she would, and let me know exactly when he arrived! Extreme recommendation!
    12. [h=2]enchantedlily purchased Pukifee Luna custom faceplate and was a delight to work with. Very sweet buyer, many thanks![/h]
    13. I bought a Mystic Nutcracker Lea head from Enchantedlily and everything went well :) The communication was friendly, she's a nice person. She packed the head very well and ship the parcel quickly.

      It was a smooth transaction and i highly recommend her ^^

      Thanks a lot :aheartbea
    14. I have sold my FL Multihead Cupid/BBB hybrid to enchantedlily.
      She was a real pleasure to deal with.
      Super duper friendly and communicative, swift payment.
      What more can a seller ask for?
      Thanks so much, enjoy your little one! ^-^
    15. Bought a Bobobie Ariel off of enchantedlily. Transaction went smoothly and she had her in the mail right away.
      All went well and would be willing to buy from her again!
    16. &#8203;enchantedlily bought a pukipuki dress from me. Wonderful buyer with prompt responses and payment. A pleasure to trade with! Thank you and hope your little one likes the dress! :kitty2
    17. I bought a Custumhouse Uri from enchantedlily. She was wonderful to deal with! Communication was fast and very friendly and shipping was prompt. Perfect transaction, very recommendable seller. Thank you, enchantedlily! :D
    18. Enchantedlily bought a custom puki Sugar and a puki outfit from me on layaway. Her payments were always prompt, her communication was great, and everything was wonderful. I'd be thrilled to work with her again! Thanks so much!
    19. I bought a darling little DD-Anne FairyGarden Riko from enchantedilly and she was very lovely to work with, I did a layaway plan and she was very understanding and easy to work with. I'd love to work with her again!
    20. I bought lati white pury from enchantedlily and it was a great transaction, very friendly and shipped quickly. Love pury, just as described! Thanks!