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feedback for endre82

Feb 20, 2010

    1. I thought I'd start her feedback thread. She bought my Luts kid Ani and was very easy to deal with. Communication was good, payment was prompt, so a good transaction:fangirl:
    2. endre82 bought a doll from me, good communication, short layaway was paid off superfast ! Highly recommended, great transaction. Thank you ! :)
    3. endre82 bought a doll bag from me and the transaction was flawless! :) Great communication and prompt payment! I would sell to them again.
    4. endre82 bought a msd shirt from me
      and the transaction went great
      fast payment en good communication
      thanks again
    5. I did a faceup commission for endre82.
      Communition and payment were both prompt.
      Thank you for letting me paint your boy! :>
    6. I did another faceup for endre82. As usual it was smooth and easy.
      Thanks again for letting me paint your new pretty boy <3
    7. endre82 participated in my Iplehouse group order and helped make everything go smoothly and quickly. She was the first one to place an order with me. Payment was prompt and communication was friendly. I would certainly do more transactions with her in the future!
    8. I bought a pukipuki cupid faceplate from endre82, and it came in perfectly. She shipped fast, and it came in flawlessly. Would buy from again!
    9. Endre82 sold me a puki wig, puki eyes, and a pair pf pink puki shoes. They are perfect! I would gladly deal with Endre again!
    10. endre82 participated in my Soom split - she was lovely to work with, sent payments on time, and let me know when her portion (eyes) arrived - highly recommended!! And I'd welcome her back anytime. :)
    11. I bought a Soom Bygg from Endre82! I was very pleased with the communication. My doll arrived safely and timely :D Everything went well with my layaway too! Very thankful for such a good seller!
    12. I bought puki hand parts from endre and I got them yesterday. Endre was helpful through the whole experience and answered questions quickly. The hands were in great condition and packaged very carefully. I would be more than happy to do business with her again should the occasion arise.
    13. endre participated in my dollmore GO , paid on time and was a pleasure to deal with.
    14. Endre adopted my Iple House Mars (Special Edition in Real Skin). ^^ We agreed on a short layaway... Paid fast, kept in communication, and let me know when Mars arrived. ^^ Reliable buyer and a good person all over. ^^

      @Endre : Thanks so much for adopting him into your doll family~ ^^

    15. I did another faceup for endre82 and I love working with him! :D He is prompt with communication, friendly as always!
      Would work with him again any time! :D
    16. Endre82 was a participant in my tenth Fairyland group order and everything was simply swell. Invoices were responded to and taken care of in a timely fashion and communication was kept up quite well from their end. Smooth and easy sailing all the way through~

      Thank you for your participation in this group order.
      I do hope that your experience was nothing short of a pleasant one.
    17. Endre was a participant in my Dollmore GO! :D super fast payment and very patient.

      I wouldn't hesitate to host endre again.

    18. Seriously, Endre is like my favourite customer. :> He is so nice to work with and always super friendly. :>
      I did more faceups for him and will do as many as he sent me for real! XD :D
      Thanks again!
    19. I bought a Supia Rosy Tan from endre82, and it came in perfectly. Surely I would buy from again ^^
    20. I bought a Unoa Lusis from Endre.
      Endre is a really really nice seller, always reply to private message with a lot of patience and kindness.
      I've receive my Lusis this morning and she came in perfectly !
      Thank you again Endre :3