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Feedback for eni

Feb 24, 2010

    1. Please leave your feedback for me here~ Thanks!
    2. I took part in eni´s Breccia split. She was a wonderful split leader and informed us about every step of the order. After Breccia´s arrival my shoes were shipped out very quickly and with great care. I can absolutely recommend her and wouldn´t hesitate to deal with her again! Thank you, eni :)
    3. I took also part of eni's Breccia split and I'm much more than just satisfied with everything. She was wonderful and informed me about every change of the order. Also the dress and the wig were shipped and packed with great care. I would always deal with her again after I'll get the chance to. Thank you so much for everything, dear! :) :aheartbea
    4. Eni sold me her Soom Breccia fox hands. Her communication was great and the hands were shipped is a super secure plastic box! This was an A+ transaction!
    5. Flakey - Had made an agreements to layaway Soom moon wish, all details worked out....Seller back out of the layaway with out fair warning and sold the doll to someone else.
    6. I did back out of the Layaway before it was settled. However, I gave a five days heads up and no money was ever exchanged. Furthermore, I was never asked to put the items - a Breccia head and the paws - on hold and the shipping fees were never calculated. The details weren't fully worked out yet.

      I was worried about receiving payment from the buyer as they had backed out of hosting a split due to monetary/paycheck issues around the time they contacted me. Upon reading this I began to doubt the buyer's capability to commit to a longterm Layaway. I do not regret not having sold the items to Red-wolf-Ink.

      While I stated that I had other offers, I did not sell the items to someone else.

      I'm very sad about this experience.
    7. Yes i did had to back out due to paycheck issues with 1 employer...it was fixed on Monday and i was gonna put down $200 because boss gave me a little more to say sorry for the mix up...what sucked for me was the migma was off sale on the sat...but what can you do? not much really and it happens....i work 2 jobs, the other i never had a problem and that was the pay schedule i gave. IT garanteed and i always pay off my layways faster. I just do a min offer just so i dont have to give "something happen in life" excuse if i need to pay less that time around.

      but here the proof that they said they sold it to someone else:

      (P.S, i was recommended by a few friends and a mod to leave the feedback from this)
    8. I'm sorry about what happened with your paycheck. I didn't know the whole story, I had a bad gut feeling and when I got another offer I backed out because I was scared that this Layaway might not work out. It was an overreaction on my part and I apologize.

      As I said - and as your screenshot corroborates - I got an offer for the items. I took a chance on that offer, because I had a bad gut feeling regarding the Layaway. However, it did not follow through and I did not sell the items.

      I admit that my bad gut feeling was probably unwarranted, but I had it and I acted on it. I apologize.