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Feedback for enigmadoll

Jun 7, 2006

    1. OK, so here's my thread. :)

      I've done business, as a customizer and member of DoA, for more than a year now, so if you want to leave a comment, that would be great!

      Thank you and have a great one!
    2. Lilykoi has been a great buyer to me, not once but twice I have attempted to modify different heads towards a certain look and found these heads to be unsuitable for my purposes, both these times, lilykoi has stepped up and given the modified heads a new home. Transactions went smoothly, but there have been some problems with emails not going through and dissappearing into cyberspace — perhaps better to conduct communication via PM? Anyway this has not been lilykoi's fault, just a suggestion, this is definitely positive feedback and I would deal with lilykoi again any day! :D
    3. Thank you twigling! Thank you very much, but it is my fault :blush , I had so much anti-spyware and firewalls and you-name-it I-have-it "protective" software, that my computer turned against itself, and began deleting e-mails I wanted to get!!!
      I've removed most it, and hopefully, fixed the problem. So far so good.
      Thanks again and I can't wait to see what else you do ;)
    4. what can I say I love her. She is very professional and I just love my girls from her. Lilykoi has great communication skills and she is very honest. I adore her, I highly recommend her as customizer/repaint artist. She's extremely talented. I trust her with my kids. Hugs Lilykoi
    5. I LOVE Lilykoi!! She does excellent work and is uber-pleasant to deal with. Very professional and overall wonderful. She takes good care of my boys. :sumomo:
    6. Lilykoi did the amazing face up for my SoulDoll Paris, Keigo:


      She was extremely patient with me, even though I wasn't completely sure what I wanted, and I can't say how beautiful my boy is in the resin. His highlighting and shadows are fabulous. :)
    7. I sold a kimono and a wig to Lilykoi. Communication was great, payment was fast. A great person to transact with.
    8. Had a great transaction with her, she purchaced my Celestyn through layaway, paid alot faster than first intended..very friendly and an excellent buyer. thanks so much for giving her a great home, can wait to see what you do with her.
    9. Great buyer! Fast to pay and lets me know when the packages arrived. A pleasure to work with and I would reccomend her to anyone. Thanks!
    10. I sold an extra pair of hands to enigmadoll, she was great to deal with!

    11. Lilykoi is one of the most talented and delightful people you could ever deal with! She has taken two of my dolls and created the most amazing characters...faces, mods, body painting, she's fabulous! Having her create a character for you is a real privilege!
    12. I have been an avid fan of 'lilykoi's' work since I first saw a Gallery Posting here .... I have downloaded all the pics I can into her own special file folder just so I can look and marvel at them :D ....

      Just recently I had a RML Head FS .... I got inquiries and struck a deal with enigmadoll .... OMG Was I surprised to find out it's lilykoi :lol: .... the transaction went extremely smooth and I am so proud to have been invloved in her aquisition of a head she has wanted for her outstanding creations!!

      I was so sad to see she is no longer taking commissions ... it was my dream to one day have her do a face & body-up on my Rasendou Aria Elf - Yueqiu :( but hopfully by the time I can afford to have it done she will be able to grant me my Wish :)

      All the best!!!!!!!!!
    13. Lilykoi worked magic with a little paint and an airbrush. She brought my Christmas elf, my little Ani Elf girl to life. Lilykoi rocks! :)
    14. Lilykoi has done most of my dolls' faceups. She was very professional, finished quickly, was great with her communication, they were mailed when she said they were, dolls were packaged really well, and all my dolls are stunningly beautiful!!! Thank you! Obviously, I would work with her again since I just sent her two dolls this past week. Positive feedback from me.
    15. Wah, she was definitely great ^^ She opened the eyes of my Vamp-Sleeping Yder-elf. She kept in touch all the time, she shared pictures of my customization and she was very professional. She was very prompt as well. I would definitely recommend her.
    16. I sold a pair of eyes to enigmadoll. The transaction was smooth and cooperative. I recommend her.
    17. Sold her a wig, she paid fast--the transaction was awesome. I too recommend her!
    18. I sold Nina a wig -
      She had great communication and paid promptly! Would recommend her!
      thanks for a smooth and wonderful transaction!
    19. Sold some eyes to enigmadoll, awesome buyer, great to deal with! :D
    20. Bought a Moon off of Nina and she was a pleasure to deal with. He arrived quickly and very well packaged ^_^