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Feedback for envirion

Jun 6, 2006

    1. Please leave feedback if you've had a transaction with me. ^^

      Completed transactions
      Date of Last PM received (mm-dd-yyyy)- People I've dealt with no problems: :D

      Bought from:

      09-15-2005 celticgeekess (doll)
      11-04-2005 tsuli (outfit)
      02-11-2006 amethystduckie/dechanique (outfit/wig)
      02-24-2006 zilaw (group order: wig)
      04-28-2006 digital_grrl79 (Luts group order: shoes)
      05-31-2006 helene (doll head)
      06-05-2006 Pia (outfit)
      06-05-2006 salvation_jane (boots)
      06-10-2006 Star (eyes)
      07-22-2006 Kalmia (outfits)
      01-20-2007 nancy60304 (doll)

      Sold to:
      12-16-2005 NibbleKat (handmade top)
      06-03-2006 Sour_Dotz (eyes)
      06-05-2006 Spazvogel (goggles)
      06-18-2006 comicbookartistboi (doll)
      07-09-2006 junkyardprinses (doll)
    2. i had a great transaction with environ as a buyer
    3. Thank you for posting~! ^^
    4. I am leaving WONDERFUL feedback for this seller.......WONDERFULLY smooth transaction....GORGEOUS doll...NO flaws...WONDERFULLY packed...and incredibly kind.

      My I owe everything to This DOAer, for providing me with my lovely Angelique!
      I will love her always!

    5. Purchase a Tender Bee-A from this person....WONDERFUL transaction...was MORE than happy to change the shipping to overnight for me, and i paid it, and the doll was here the next day! Great communication, and WONDERFUL seller :)


      PS: oops, forgot i had already left posotive feedback LMAO
    6. I purchased Lahoo's outfit from Envirion; the transaction was perfect. Arrived very quickly and in beautiful condition. Very happy, thank you so much!

    7. I purchased a tanned mnf soo from envirion and everything went perfectly. She's excellent in communication. Thanks so much!
    8. I sold SD13 body to envirion. She paid really fast and the communication was great. envirion also let me know when she recieved the item. Thank you!!
    9. I bought a SD13 body from envirion and couldn't be any happier. She kept up great communication, sticking with me to the end until the package arrived--which was very quick! The body was also as she described, down to a T. I highly recommend her in any transaction. Thanks! :)
    10. i bought an outfit for my doll and its very nice. communiction was good too. :3 a+++++++++++++