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Feedback for Eol`ta

Oct 16, 2011

    1. If I have done a transaction with you, please leave your feedback for me here...;)
    2. Great buyer!! :D

      I sold my IOS Chaos head to Eol`ta and everything went perfect from the begining to the end. Highly recommended!!
    3. I just sold my Luts Lu wen head to Eol'ta, great buyer, paid fast very polite and friendly~

      thank you!
    4. Eol'ta bought a doll body from me,and everything went great.paid punctually and kept me informed when the body arrived.
      She's a great buyer, I totally recommend her ^ ^
      Thank you ^ ^
    5. POSITIVE! I sold my Soom Taco head to Eol'ta communication was awesome, payment was fast, and Eol'ta was soo very patient while the post took forever to get the head delivered. She's an awesome buyer and I would recommend her, and sell to her again! Thanks so much!!
    6. I bought a IOS Chaos head from Eol`ta. Quick shipping ! Great seller !
    7. Eol`ta bought a Iplehouse Luna head from me, everything was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

      Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
    8. i sold a Mr. Rabbit head to Eol`ta.. Perfect transaction and communication. prompt payment xD thanks
    9. I sold an Iplehouse Chase Chimera head to Eol`ta. Everything went smoothly and she let me know when he arrived. Thanks!
    10. Eol`ta bought ANS Mr Milu head from me. The head was on layaway but she paid everything earlier. She's very polite and I absolutely recommend her as a perfect buyer! Thank you!
    11. Eol`ta bought a Soom Bygg unicorn from me on layaway and everything was great. She paid off the layaway before planned. I will buy/sell with her again. Thank you again
    12. Eol'ta bought a Soom Euclase from me on layaway. She was absolutely wonderful. She had great communication and even paid off the layaway early. Thank you so much Eol'ta!
    13. Eol`ta purchased a DollZone Chinese Dragon Baby from me, and was such a dear to work with! Payment was on time, communication was great, and she let me know when he arrived. :)
      I would gladly deal with her again!
    14. Eol'ta purchased a Zaoll Luv from me on Layaway. It was a very good transaction with good communication. Payments were also on time and she let me know when the doll arrived. Very happy.
    15. Eol'ta bought a Soom Sueve fs from me. She was very pleasant to work with and paid the layaway off very quickly.
    16. I recently bought a Gackt minimee head from Eol'ta. She shipped the head promptly and packaged it very securely! She was also very helpful in suggesting potential bodies for the minimee head. She was very pleasant to work with. Great seller!
    17. I sold my Heliot Soom open head to Eol'ta. She´s great buyer, paid fast very polite and friendly!! She´s charming!

      thank you so much for all!
    18. I traded Leekeworl Mihael with one of Eol'ta dolls. It went really good! I would trade with Eol'ta again ^^
    19. Eol`ta purchased a mnm head from me. Payment was fast, communication was great, and she let me know when he arrived. I would gladly deal with her again!
    20. I bought a Crobidoll Yoen-ho from Eol`ta. He came to me in wonderful condition and is very much loved. He is one of my dream dolls and I am very happy to have him in my doll family!

      (sorry for submitting this a few months late, I thought I did it already but from looking back to see what I said, I see that I didn't leave you with any feedback ^^; )