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Feedback for Eraknight11

Nov 1, 2007

    1. I havents seen any feedback for this wonderful girl , so I decided to make one.
      I have great transaction with Eraknight11. She commisioned few clothes for her dollie and was awesome and patient . The communication was super fast and awesome , I would gladly sell to her again!
    2. I've had several transactions with Eraknight11 and they've all been FANTASTIC! She's a great buyer and super sweet.

    3. Not that it really matters, but just for future reference - I'm a guy o.o! I know I type with lots of emoticons and it seems pretty girly... my bad ^.^;!
    4. Eraknight11 bought some clothing from me. Prompt pay and no issues. :) Thanks!
    5. Purchased a Domuya Yang Jr. from Eraknight11. Everything went great and I simply adore my little Yang Jr. (now named Willie). I would definitely do business from him again. Thanks so much.
    6. I sold a pair of bloomers to Eraknight11 and it was a treat. ^______^
      Communication was pleasant and payment was prompt.
    7. Hi! Eraknight11 bought a dollie shirt from me, and she was quite nice to deal with, her communication and super quick payment was Awsome! I highly recommend her!
      Thanks again, Eraknight11! :)
    8. I had an excellent experience dealing with Eraknight11 when I sold her my DM Cecile. Communication was excellent, and she was very patient as we waited for a previous "buyer" to finally make a decision. Payment was very quick and she was extremely friendly.

      Russell Tingle
    9. Eraknight11 bought a shirt from me. Prompt payment, good communication, and very friendly.
    10. Eraknight11 commissioned a face-up from me. He was very friendly and paid promptly. Would love to deal with again^^
    11. I purchased a pair of black slacks from Eraknight11. She was such a joy to work with. She anwered all of my questions even helping determine if the slacks would fit my bjd. The slacks arrived very quickly. I highly recommend Eraknigh11.
    12. I bought a pair of pants from Eraknight11, and he was even nice enough to throw in a free gift! The cutest little vest<3 Easy communication, great pricing! I would definately buy from him again ^_^
    13. I purchased a light tan Bobobie Bao from Eraknight11.

      He really went the extra mile with getting this doll ready for me. He represented the Bao accurately in the sales thread, showing almost every detail I needed to decide the purchase.

      He was incredibly nice and answered all of my questions quickly. He even threw in a wig and a few shirts and a pair of shorts for him for free, and included the original carrying bag Bobobie sends with their dolls. The Bao was packed very securely for transit to me, and made it to my home in a very timely manner.

      The nicest thing though, was that he took the extra time to wash the clothes and wig he was offering as freebies for me since a member of my houshold is badly allergic to cats, which he owns, so that I wouldn't have to worry about it. That's really treating the customer right!

      I'd gladly do bussiness with him again, and highly recommend him!
    14. just got a DZ body from him, arrived in awesome shape and is SUCH a match for my floating head. thanks so much, would totally buy from again!!! :aheartbea
    15. I sold Eraknight11 a couple of fur wigs. He was a wonderful buyer, friendly PMs and quick payment! He also made certain to let me know they had arrived. Would recommend him any time!
    16. Eraknight11 commissioned me to paint his AOD An. He was very nice and told me exactly what he wanted :) I would definitely do another commission for him if he wanted. A+++++
    17. I pu5rchased a MSD prince outfit off Eraknight11 and I could not be happier with the process. Communication was good, the outfit was lovely and just as described, the price was more than fair and shipping was very fast. Thanks again :)
    18. I purchased two pairs of MSD-size pants from Eraknight11, and I'm very happy with my purchase! Communication excellent, and the pants are both lovely. Recommended!
    19. I did a commission for Eraknight11 and it went very smoothly. He was superly awesome patient and responded quickly to all my questions. A+++++++++
      Would def do business with him again :)