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Feedback for Eri-chan

Mar 5, 2007

    1. Please leave me feedback if I buy or sell something with you!

      My pronouns are she/her!
      #1 Eri-chan, Mar 5, 2007
      Last edited: May 30, 2017
    2. Eri-Chan bought a Lishe head from me. Very good communication, Fast Payment and Smooth Transcation. A+ buyer, thank you so much!
    3. Eri-chan and I traded.

      My modded badly Bee-A boy for her Lishe Head.

      She was a pleasue and joy to work with. She dealt with all my questions. :aheartbea

      She is nice and I would diffently buy/trade from her again!

      Thank You so much Eri-chan for my Jason!
    4. I bought a modded Bee-A from Eri-chan, she was very helpful and a star! There were shipping complications but she was lovely and sorted them all out and I would not hesitate to do business with her again ^_^
      Thank you very much for my Yuki!! ^_^
      An A* seller!!
    5. I bought an elf Yder head from Eri-chan - she responded to all of my questions, and kept me updated on all of the shipping info.
      It was terrific, and she was very careful to make sure things went smoothly!
    6. Thanks for a pleasant transaction! =^_^=
    7. Eri-chan bought some pants from me. Payment was quick and I was notified upon the items' arrival. Wonderful buyer, please come back again!
    8. I bought a B-el faceplate from Eri-chan. She did a fantastic job, and I'm thrilled to have him. She's an awesome seller.
    9. Eri-chan ordered a Puki in a recent Fairyland GO I ran.
      I think this about sums it up: she was AWESOME.
      Really, a pleasure to work with and all payments were sent on time.

      She is a great person... join a GO of mine anytime!

      Oh... and enjoy your Puki! :aheartbea
    10. I bought a slightly damaged puki pipi from Eri-chan! A very kind and attentive seller! In my opinion, could have sent the puki box in a box rather than a padded envelope (the item was fine, the the envelope is another story). But she is a very nice person and very prompt! Quick shipping and a pleasure doing business with. : )
    11. Eri-chan bought a Sleeping Miho head from me. Everything was perfect and it was a pleasure to deal with her. Thank you very much!
    12. Super Positive!!!

      Eri-Chan ran a split from LUTS. Communication was consistent and thorough. The body I split for was packaged beautifully and Eri-Chan found a great shipping quote via FedEx. I bought an unclaimed head to "keep the split alive" and Eri-Chan gave me the event head, which I thought was crazy generous. I would work with Eri-Chan again in a heartbeat!
    13. I was in the Luts split by Eri-chan for a head and it went fantastically!
      She was super informative about what was going on, and communicated often and quickly. Once the split arrived to her; she gave me a choice of which shipping I would like and packaged my head securely.
      Unfortunately, I was daft enough to mis-time my holiday, so poor Eri-chan had to wait an extra week for me to come back and sort out ParcelFarce D:

      Eri-chan is a great split leader - I would be more than happy to join any split or GO with her again, and more more than happy to recommend her to others. Thank you so much! :D
    14. Just bought a BEAUTIFUL wig......it was great ,good response ,comunication, delivery and AWESOME product .Thank you
    15. I bought a SWITCH Hummingdoll 65 male body from Eri-chan, and she was wonderful! She wrapped the body perfectly and was super great with communication. I'd definitely recommend her!
    16. ~ Positive Feedback ~
      Eri-chan bought a doll from me on layaway. Payments were prompt and organised, Eri-chan even completed the layaway early. Communication was excellent, friendly and patient, keeping me updated throughout the process and letting me know right away when the doll had arrived. I highly recommend dealing with Eri-chan, she is a reliable and lovely buyer, whom I'd gladly deal with again myself. Perfect Transaction :)
    17. Eri-chan purchased a MNF Celine head from me and everything was great. The whole transaction went smoothly and quickly. I would recommend her to anybody. Thank you!
    18. Bought a minifee sleeping liria head from me and everything went smoothly. Replied quickly to any pms. Paid right away and let me know when it arrived.
      Thank you for a great transaction.
    19. @Eri-chan bought my MNF Rheia and I couldn't have asked for a better transaction. Fast and friendly communication, paid super quickly, and let me know when the doll arrived. Thanks so much! <3
    20. Eri-chan bought my Fairyline60 body. She was a pleasure to deal with, paid right away and let me know when the package arrived. I would gladly deal with her again!