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Feedback for EriculF

Jul 23, 2007

    1. I've been buying things so..yeah :)

      *Hops around*
    2. I did a face-up for ericulf ^ ^ She knew exactly what she wanted, sent payment when she said she would, and was very kind about everything~ I had much fun painting her yo-sd's face-up and would love to work with her again! I recommend her to all and everyone~!! <33
    3. I took part in a GO that EricuLF ran, and it went very, very well! heck, even better than expected! The wigs got to her very fast, and I got mine very quickly! (Order was placed September 28th, I had my wig in my hands October 9th from Leeke World). Communication was excellent, and I would do business with her again! Thank you so much!
    4. I was part of a Leeke World GO that ErucylF ran, and it went perfectly! This was my first time taking part in a GO, but I had nothing to worry about! She was great about updating everyone on the order(s), and was quick to ship back out to the other GO participants. I hope to take part in one of her GO orders again in the future. Thank you so much!
    5. Hi

      I participated in a Leekeworld Group Order by Ericulf. She was thoroughly organized with the group order. She kept us updated with our order: excellent communication. It was paid and it shipped out very fast to her. She shipped out my items very quickly! I received my package and everything inside it was in excellent condition! I would love to participate in another group order with her! Thanks so much for running this group order. I love my new items! ^_^ :aheartbea

      - Lum Out -
    6. I joined Ericulf's group order and everything was great! The items were in great condition and were shipped out very quick! I would not hesitate to do buisness with her again.
    7. Participated in a Leeke GO hosted by ericulf. Everything went smoothly. Thanks.:)
    8. Ericulf ran a leekeworld GO that i took part it. The whole GO was run very well and we were kept updated! It was all taken care of so fast in the blink of an eye i had my items! A wonderful GO leader, thank you again!
    9. I also took part in a Leekeworlkd GO. It was super well organized, and I had barely read the message that the order was in when I got another one saying my part of the order was shipped! All her effort is greatly appreciated!
    10. I took part of Ericulf's Leekeworld GO. Everything went by smoothly and my wig was well packed. Overall, it was a very pleasant transaction!
    11. I also participated in Ericulf's December Leekeworld GO. Everything went very smoothly. She was organized, kept great communication, and all my items were packaged carefully. I would definitely participate again! Thank you :)
    12. I participated in the Leeke Go, it was my first time participating and it went extremelly well. I got messages of update all the time. It was well packed and communication was very nice. I would participate again without a doubt. She is well organised and very nice. Thank you !
    13. I took part in a Leekeworld group order organized by Ericulf. She was pleasant, quick to respond, and keep me updated. It was my first
      time taking part in a group order and I'd for sure join one held by Ericulf again. She was very organized and always nice to deal with. :)
    14. I joined her Leeke go and it was well organized. She was nice to deal with and I would definitely deal with her again.
    15. I joined a GO run by EriculF, it went very well and EriculF kept everyone well informed about the status of our order! My items were shipped to me in a timely manner. Thanks so much!