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Feedback for Erikanyan

May 3, 2012

    1. I haven't had lot of transactions on DoA, but for the few I have, I really appreciate it. Thank you :)
    2. Erika bought my little Soom Pyrol... ^^ I had known her for several years, and I am very happy she had chosen Pyrol as her first BJD. ^^ She was very patient and nice throughout the transaction, communication was smooth, she paid quickly and let me know when the little guy arrived! ^^ It's a perfect transaction, and I'd gladly recommend her as a buyer! ^^ Thank you so much!!
    3. Ahahah~ XD Second time writing a feedback for Erika... She's a wonderful buyer. ^^ Bought my Switch Javi head, paid fast, and let me know as soon as she got the package! ^^ Another positive one from me, for sure. ^^
    4. Erika bought more items from me... Wigs and eyes for her boys. :) Paid swiftly and let me know when the package arrived. Definitely a good buyer... :D Thank you!!
    5. I helped Erikanyan with the face up on her new boy. :3 She was really patient and kind during the process and accepted my work wholeheartedly. It was a really smooth commission and I am truly grateful. Thank you very much! :3
    6. Erika bought a puppy hat from me. She's a good buyer. :D
    7. Erika bought from my shop again. This time is fur collar. Thank you :D
    8. Erika joined my group order to Miro doll and Licht and also bought fur wig again from me.

      cant wait for our next GO hahahaha XDD
    9. Erika ever joined my group order for taobao also Licht.
      She's patient as buyer because the taobao order took long time enough to arrive XD
      Thanks to join my group order dear!
    10. Erikanyan bought some eyes from me... ^^ Payment came fast, no problem whatsoever. ^^ I'd be happy to recommend her as a buyer. Thank you very much. ^^