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Feedback for errorchan

Feb 2, 2010

    1. errorchan bought my Dollzone Shoyo from me on layaway. It was a nice smooth transaction and she was a lovely buyer with good communication. Thanks hun, glad you like her :)
    2. Errorchan bought my soom heliot. She's very truthworthy, and we've been patient and understanding with each other. She made the payment as said, and told me when the doll had arrived to her home.
      I recommend her warmly ^^
    3. Errorchan purchased some clothes and a wig. She's wonderful and friendly and paid when she said she would and let me know when the package arrived ^^
    4. errorchan bought my Soom Beyla, and it was a very nice transaction. She was very communicative and friendly. She paid promptly, and also promptly let me know when Beyla arrived. Thank you so much! :D
    5. errorchan bought a Resin Soul Ai from me, and she was great to deal with! Payment was quick and communication was excellent. Thanks so much! :D
    6. Errorchan bought my Soom Ai from me through layaway and again couldnt of asked for a more smooth transaction. She completely understood when there was a family grievement and was super cool with the delay. Would happily do bussiness with her again :)
    7. Errorchan bought my Cuprit hooves through layaway, everything was fine, thank you
    8. She bought my Soom Cuprit and is a great buyer. Communication was first class, payment was on time and everything went very smoothly. I'd recommend her to anyone and would happily deal with her again.
    9. purchased rs ai from errorchan and she arrived just as photo.
      thank you so much - lovely to deal with xxx
    10. I purchased Soom Ai from errorchan.
      The communication was friendly and prompt, and the package arriven in due time, well packed and safe.
      It was a pleasure to deal with errorchan, and I'd do it again anytime.
      Thank you. ^^
    11. Bought a Soom Heliot from Errorchan, she sendt fast, kept fast contact :) Heliot was pack well and arrived safely ^^
      I would buy from her again! 8D Thank you so very much Error! X3
    12. I sold a obitsu head and bust to Errorchan.
      She's a very good to deal with and great with communication!
      I made a mistake to leave one number out of her tracking number and lost the receipt @_@
      so we had to wait a while for the package to get to her. It was stuck in customs.
      >3<ll)/ Errorchan is great, I'd do business with her again haha.
    13. Iv done a trade with Errorchan, and everything was perfect. She was really nice and friendly, posted my doll on time, very well packed and let me know straight away when her part of trade arrived. It was amazingly lovely and stress free to trade with her.
      Thank you so much Error, i hope to deal with you again ^-^
    14. Error sold me a SoOm cuprit.

      She arrived super fast, well packaged and with a lovely face up! thanks Error!
    15. I bought a MDD body on layaway from Error, and everything went smoothly. She kept me up to date on everything, and was quick to ship her out.

      I'm very pleased with how everything went, and would gladly work with Error again.
    16. I bought from errorchan her Obitsu 50 Set with Extras, and I have to say this transaction went amazingly smooth! Communication was perfect, doll was packed extremely well, and I would definitely buy from her again! Plus the Obitsu is perfect! Thank you so much again! ^___^ &#9829;
    17. I have done two transaction with errorchan, I sold a DDS Mariko to her and bought a DDdy body from her. she's a wonderful seller and buyer!! She noticed me as soon as item arrived and ship the body to me very quick!! Item is well packed and arrived to me prefectly! The communication between us was very friendly all the time! I highly recommend her in every way! ^_^
    18. Errorchan was very great to buy from she was sweet and worked with me on my purchase, I will buy from her more often and I suggest others do too. :) Thank you very much.
    19. Errorchan was an excellent buyer ^^ Very friendly and her payment was prompt! Thanks so much for adopting my Saint boy.