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Feedback for esqueTHIRTEEN

Jun 28, 2008

    1. If you've had any sort of transaction with me, please do leave feedback here.
      Thank you!~
    2. Okies! I bought a Dollzone Fox from esqueTHIRTEEN. Contacting her was easy quick; and she was fine when I questioned her several (well, more than that...) times throughout the week through emails before I collected and paid for him.

      Meeting up to get the fox was pretty easy, too. He came with everything she said he would come with.

      Thank you very much! :)
    3. bought stuffs from her for 2 times alr. very organised and friendly. thanks!
    4. sakurahime from sgcafe here ^^

      thanks for buying the shoes and wigs~ hope u like it.
    5. Bought a pair of eyes from her, very friendly and helpful during the transaction, from the time I put the item on hold to the time it reaches me. Thanks!
    6. esqueTHIRTEEN just bought an Antique Lace Fer from me. She was a great buyer. She kept in contact with me, paid promptly, and let me know as soon as she received the outfit. I would gladly sell to her again.
    7. esqueTHIRTEEN bought a Souldoll Ize #1 set from me. She was very patient through my troubles with the local post office and paid promptly.

      She also took the trouble of letting me know that the outfit arrived safely to her. I would definately sell to her again.
    8. I've bought a furcoat from her and i have to say that she is really efficient in replying my messages and confirming the payment. :)
      The item was nicely packed and i'm really satisfied with the purchase on the whole!
      Won't mind buying stuffs from her in future! <3
    9. sold her a dress outfit and previously did a face up for her. Wonderful to deal with! Friendly and Very understanding too, had good transactions with her. :)
    10. esqueTHIRTEEN bought six fur wigs from me, and was wonderful to deal with! Great communication and prompt payment from her, plus she let me know right away when her wigs arrived.

      A lovely person to deal with and a lovely transaction, I would be glad to do business with her again!
    11. I purchased an SSDF 08Man head (w. faceup from Kyoru304) from esqueTHIRTEEN, and it was a great transaction. :thumbup She responded quickly to PM's, was friendly, and shipped quickly. The head was well-packed and arrived in perfect condition. Her description of the item was spot-on.

      I would definitely buy from or trade with her again in the future!
    12. esqueTHIRTEEN bought a Dollcatch Sian head and a hoodie from me.
      Shes an excellent buyer, who literally paid immediately after I pm-ed her my paypal account.
      Great communication and she informed me first hand when the items arrived.

      I would love to transact with her in the future. =)
    13. esqueTHIRTEEN bought from my shop twice and was wonderful to work with both times. She is a sincere buyer and does as she promises. Our transactions went very smoothly. Thank you so much!
    14. I bought an SSDF Cane from esqueTHIRTEEN and she was very easy to work with. Every pm was answered promptly and the transaction went fine. I'd definatley buy from esqueTHIRTEEN again. ^_^
    15. esqueTHIRTEEN recently bought a cardigan from me, and she was wonderful to deal with! She replies to PMs quickly and paid very promptly. Thanks very much! I would totally love to deal with her again. :)
    16. esqueTHIRTEEN commissioned me to paint two of her lovely dolls. Pleasure to work with, paid right away and was very patient (especially with the little problem that had happened : P ). I highly recommend her!
    17. esqueTHIRTEEN bought doll outfit from me. Great transaction with prompt payment, thanks!
    18. esqueTHIRTEEN purchased several clothes from me. She is a great buyer who pays quickly and is prompt with communication. She was also kind enough to let me know when the package reached her as well. Thanks!
    19. I've bought a dollmore v neck from esque and it was a really smooth transaction!!
      I'm pleased with the quality of the item too! &#9829;
      Will definitely buy from her again~
    20. I had smooth transaction with esqueTHIRTEEN.
      She bought two limited Rosenlied outfits from me. Polite and friendly communication. Prompt payment. She even let me know as soon as the items arrived safely there. That the most thing I want to know as a seller.
      Thank you so much esqueTHIRTEEN! It's a pleasure to deal with you. I highly recommend her to anyone!!