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Feedback for Essie

Jun 18, 2007

    1. Please feel free to leave any feedback for me if we have had a transaction together! :aheartbea
    2. I bought a Volks SD13 Girl body from essiekl and I have nothing but overflowing praise for her and our excellent transaction :D!!!

      *Essie charges fair and decent prices which is a rarity and makes her a true gem in our community ^^.
      *Communication is really fast and easy and she's just great to talk to cuz she's so friendly!
      *She's really flexible about shipping and really willing to work with you to figure out the best method.
      *She ships quickly and packages EXTREMELY WELL. I opted to not have the SD13 body sent in its original box, and I was a little worried at first how it would survive the trip across the country, but she took such delicate care with the body. It was wrapped in layers and layers of bubble wrap and so carefully placed, I'm sure I could've dropped it off a skyscraper and it STILL would've come out in one piece!
      *She put cute stickers on my box which is always a plus ^___~ heeheehee!!!

      Thank you again essiekl :D! You've helped me in realizing my dream girl doll and for that I'm indescribably thankful ^__^.
    3. Awesome transaction with Essiekl. I've bought and sold many times on DoA and rarely have I come across a seller such as Essiekl. She sold Lusis for a fair price and then also included a number of extras. Lusis was well packaged and in beautiful condition. She came with two face-plates and both have fantastic face-ups by Essiekl. I am totally thrilled by this transaction. Thanks so much!!
    4. Super fast shipping on Essie's darling lingerie sets--don't miss out on these adorable sets! YOu'll love them!
    5. I purchased the adorable pink striped lingerie set from Essie and not only did it arrived perfectly packaged and labeled, but it shipped and reached me in less than a week. I highly recommend doing business with her!
    6. I just found you on DoA, so I though I'd leave feedback here as well. I bought a lingerie set from Essie off eBay. She was fantastic to deal with, quick to ship, and left prompt feedback, not to mention the quality of the items were top-notch!
      Thanks again~ :D
    7. I bought the cutest pink undies sent from Essie, and it's adorable! I can't stop raving about how cute (an inexpensive!) it is! She was super fast, perfectly friendly and nice, and a pleasure to buy from.
    8. I'm so in love with my undies comission from Essie! Thanks for all the extras! <3 <3
    9. I bought some panties and socks from Essie and the transaction was great. Always kept in touch, despite sewing machine troubles! Thanks for all the extra goodies!
    10. I bought an Elfdoll Soah from Essie this past week, and I am thrilled beyond belief! The transaction went wonderfully, and it was so nice to meet such a nice person! Essie is friendly, yet very professional. And the gifts that came with my Soah I just adore. Thanks again Essie!
    11. I recently hosted my first Fairyland group order in which I had the pleasure of having essiekl participate in. She's so nice to talk to, easy going, on time with payments and awesome with communication. She's already signed up for my next Fairyland group order and I am confident that I'll have no complaints with her then as well.

      :clover Thank you for being such an amazing participant! :clover
    12. Essie purchased several paintbrushes from me. I would definitely recommend her! She paid quickly and was very polite and friendly in all her communications. Just a great transaction and a great customer! :thumbup
    13. As predicted, everything went just as well with the second Fairyland group order. :D Essiekl is a pleasure to work with and I appreciate her quick response to invoices and well kept communication.

      :clover Thank you for being just as great the second time around!! :clover
    14. I bought an Unoa Sist (and faceplates) from Essikel and she is the nicest person I've delt with in the dolly community. :) I will most definately buy from her again in a heartbeat! :)
    15. Essiekl purchased some astrokitty clothing from me and she has been really nice and polite throughout the whole transaction. I really enjoyed selling to her. She let me know immediately when her clothings arrived and even took initiative to leave me feedback. ^^ Thank you very much for a perfect transaction.

      Hope you will enjoy them!! A++ Buyer!
    16. Bought an MNF Shushu ( complete doll ) and Ryeon head from Essiekl, she shipped super fast, packed the items very well and is a wonderful person to deal with. Thanks so much for all the little extras!! I highly recommend Essie as an A+ seller. :)
    17. I bought Pearl's Default outfit from Essie. She had fantastic communication - shipped promptly and packaged everything wonderfully and included some little extras that were a fun surprise!
    18. Essie purchased my Dolpa 20 Kurumi Full set. The entire transaction was wonderful. She purchased her on layaway. She paid her off faster than expected. She had great communication. I honestly can say this was the best transaction. I couldn't have asked for anything more. What a wonderful person! Thanks :)
    19. I purchased an SD10 Swaricco body from Essie and the transaction was wonderful! Communication was friendly and shipping was really fast. Thanks so much! :D
    20. EssieKL participated in my third Leekeworld group order and everything was just as wonderful as it was the first and second time around. She's always on time with payments and great with communication, a true pleasure to deal with and I appreciated her participation every single time she's in one of my orders.

      :clover Many thankies for your continued participation in my group orders!! :clover