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Feedback for Evee

May 16, 2008

    1. I looked and couldn't find a feedback thread for Evee, so I'm starting one!
      I had a great transaction, she bought a body from me and everything went well. I'd recommend selling to Evee!
    2. Evee bought a head from me~! She was really nice, and was a joy to work with :)
    3. Evee bought a doll body from me. It was a great transaction, super fast payment, and she messaged me as soon as the body arrived.
    4. Evee bought a head from me. She was prompt with payment and has been a real pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    5. I'm re-posting this here as I accidentally started a duplicate threat for Evee - sorry! :doh

      I sold her a DZ Ying body and a ws SwD Nana body and she was wonderful to deal with! She paid up quickly and was so kind and polite.

      I really want to thank her for being such a good buyer! :D
    6. I sold a doll body to Evee on layaway. The transaction went very smoothly. Paid quickly and timely and kept in constant communication. Thank you! :)
    7. Evee bought a doll body from me. Fast payment and great communications! And ideal buyer I'd fully reccomend.:D
    8. I highly recommend Evee to anyone. She is really friendly, pays quickly, and is a pleasure to do business with. Definitely a FIVE star transaction!! *hugs*
    9. I sold Evee several outfits. She paid fine and I shipped them out to her. no problems.
    10. Evee commissioned me to paint a doll head she bought for her, and had it shipped from the seller directly to me :) The commission went great, she's very nice in PMs, easy to work with and sent payment quickly! Great customer, thanks!
    11. Positive feedback~!!

      I am leaving a very positive feedback for Evee. She purchased an Abio Angel Jiu head from me. Her payment was extremely prompt, had great communication and she let me know right away when the head arrived. I couldn't have asked for a more smooth transaction! Thanks so much Evee!
    12. Wonderful buyer to have transactions with! I sold Evee a SD Suwaricco body on a layaway that she paid of faster than agreed and she was very patient with with me being away on vacation and not being able to ship out the package right away :) Communication was prompt and friendly. Thanks for a smooth transaction!
    13. Evee bought a Bobobie 50cm body from me. She's always been quick to respond to PMs, sent payment right away, and has been nothing but cooperative through the sale. An excellent buyer! :)
    14. Evee purchased a minimee head from me, her communication was brilliant and friendly, she paid really fast and let me know when the head arrived safely :)

      I would love to trade with her again in the future :bcupcake

      Thanks so much :)
    15. I sold Evee a Volks doll, pays quickly,and I'm impressed with communication with Evee. It's very kind and nice,prompt. I FULLY recommend Evee to everyone. Evee is really good buyer. Thank you ^_^
    16. evee bought a doll body from me, she was super friendly.There was good communication, and it was a very smooth transaction.
      thank you very much for the wonderfull transaction...

    17. Evee bought a minifee body from me, she paid straightaway and let me know when she received it, definitely recommended, thanks :)
    18. A great transaction with Evee! She bought a Ninodoll Anna head from me, paid promptly and kept in touch. Thanks again!
    19. Evee bought an AA Shi head from me. She paid promptly and her communication was excellent. Well recommended, and thank you! ^^
    20. Evee bought sd body from me. she paid quickly, communication was great and i'm really happy from this transaction. Fantastic and friendly person. highly recommended!