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Feedback for Evenstar1

Dec 11, 2008

    1. Here is my feedback thread ^_^
    2. First!!XD

      Involved in a heads trade with Evenstar1, everything was smooth and perfect, and she's a pleasure to deal with. I absolutely recomend her, she's communicative and sweet. Thank you very, very much!!!
    3. bought my DoC Too from me ^^
      very nice and very cool!~
      fast replies, and she keeps you updated on EVERYTHING XD
      would definitely trade with her again ^^
    4. Involved in a group order. :3
      Got everything I wanted super fast!

      She's a great friend and makes sure she understands before finalizing things, weither commissions or group orders. ^ ^
    5. Evenstar1 bought a DoC from me. She kept frequent update and paid fast. Thank you very much! :)
    6. Evenstar1 commissioned me for a face-up and it went great!
      Very friendly, wonderful communication, and paid promptly.

      Can't wait to work with again. :) Thank you!
    7. I bought a head from Evenstar1, the transaction was amazing, I will definitely do any business with her again. Thank you!!!!
    8. Evenstar1 commissioned me to do a faceup on her DoC Too at a convention, and she was so fun and great to work with! (And a fantastic cosplayer to boot XD)

      I'll be happy to do business with her again anytime. :)
    9. :)I bought a BBB Tan Ju. Evenstar1 provided excellent information and was helpful and pleasant to work with. Shipping was extremely fast~~2 days ^_^
      :aheartbeaThe doll is beautiful!!:aheartbea
      :fangirl: I would not hesitate to purchase again!!! Thank you!!!!
    10. I sold a pink and white lolita Guessdoll outfit to Evenstar1!
      Payment was super fast and communication was nice.

      Thanks a bunches! ^.^
    11. Bought/traded a shiwoo head from me. Great buyer with fast and friendly communication! ;) The trade was very fluid and we each received something we loved. Thanks again! ^_^
    12. evenstar1 bought a dreaming shiwoo head from me and paid on a short layaway exactly when she said she would. Very pleasant transaction!
    13. I bought a minimee head from Evenstar1, it came in good condition and very fast shipping! Great seller and excellent communication. :)
    14. I did a trade with Evenstar1 for her Kalix head, it came very well packaged and communication was great, she let me know when my part of the trade arriced safely too :)
    15. Evenstar1 was in the Demyx GO. Originally she was the leader until something came up and I took over. Communications was always fast and always told me of something was up! I would totally have her in one of my GOs again!
    16. evenstar partipated in my heliot split A+++ partipant :)
    17. Evenstar1 bidded and won my r.heliot head auction. She opted for layaway payment.
      There was alittle delay of her layaway payment, but she let me know when she will be able to pay and then paid promptly on the date she said she could.
      Overall a smooth transaction! Thank you!
    18. Evenstar1 participated in my Cuprit split. She was friendly and easy to work with. :)
    19. I bought a tiny AoD AiAi from Evenstar1. After my payment went through she sent the doll very quickly!
      It was a very pleasant and smooth international transaction.
    20. Evenstar1 bought my DOC Elf Ivan on layaway, the communication was perfect and she was very prompt to let me know when there was a delay and when I should expect payment, so the transaction couldn't have been smoother and I'm happy ;)

      Thank you! <3