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Feedback for Everybody Loves Dolls?

Dec 5, 2008

    1. I was looking for sewing notions in a doll size and stumbled upon http://www.everybodylovesdolls.com/ They carry Dritz for Dolls and other small items such as Rements and doll sized separating zippers.

      Has anyone used this place before?

      EDIT: Well, since I did use them, I'd like to report they were a wonderful company! The lady was very friendly in her emails. They had run out of the buckles so she emailed me to ask how I would like to handle it and the responses were same day! I got my order yesterday, so the shipping is great as well! The items were nicely packaged and perfect for what I need!

      I highly recommend this place! :3
    2. I was wondering about this site too... I've just discovered it and am really interested to buy some things for my incoming MSD... But I have problem with login.. >.<

      anyone has every bought from here before..?
    3. I just updated my post with information on my own, wonderful transaction~!
    4. that's cool to hear~ I know it's really a good site. And the price is kinda affordable too to me. :D

      BUt I still have problems with login... T___T
      and it kinda took a long time in the checkout session. ;_;

      But I was wondering if they accept Visa? Or maybe Visa through Paypal? (since my Paypal balance is $3 right now... unless it automatically deduct the money from my attached Visa since I heard about it before.. but not sure if it always like that. ~_~ )
    5. I know they accept PayPal because that's what I used. :3