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Feedback for evie the kid

Mar 3, 2008

    1. Please leave your feedback here if you have done any transactions with me.
      Thank you.
    2. I sold a Fdoll boy body to evie. Comunication was great and fast. She was fast with paying and informend me quickly when it arrived. Perfect transaction
    3. I sold a nabee head to Evie the kid! It was a smooth transaction, she paid very promptly.
      She is a great person to deal with, I highly recommend her:)
      thank you very much
    4. I commisioned a special face up for my unoa and I love it, I didnt really know what I wanted so I just let Evie do her thing, and it turned out better than I couldve hoped for!
    5. I commissioned two face ups from Evie, which turned out absolutely stunning. She captured exactly what I wanted, offered great service and was overall friendly and very nice. I would commission her again any time, her work is worth every cent I paid for it! Thanks, Evie!
    6. Evie was great split partner. Weary patient and paid everything fast. Highly recommend.
      Thanx hun for helping bringing my Heliot home<3
    7. evie the kid is currently in my hide Minimee GO and I must say she is wonderful to work with. Her payment was prompt and she is very easy to communicate with. She is trustworthy, dependable and very prompt in paying! ;)

      I give evie the kid :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar for promptness of payment, communication and all around pleasure to deal with.
    8. I've sold a Volks SDG10 body to Evie and she was absolutely sweet to deal with. Communication with her has always been good and fast, she paid promptly and she let me know as soon as the body had arrived. I would gladly do business with her again :D
    9. I sold a doll head to Evie, and she was a great buyer. I was really happy with the transaction. Thank you! ^^
    10. Evie make a Face Up for my Bambicrony Judy. The Face Up was very detailed and wonderful!
      Thanks Evie <3
    11. Evie bought a Glorydoll girl body from me. Great transaction, would not hesitate to do business with again, thanks! ^^
    12. Evie the kid bought a doll head from me! The transaction went perfectly~ They paid quickly, and supplied me with all the necessary information without me pestering. xD Nice to talk to and had quick communication~ They also informed when the doll arrived! I'd happily recommend them as a buyer to anyone, and I hope to work with them again! Thank you!
    13. For a stressfree, all around enjoyable transaction I recommend Evie. Her communication is always quick, friendly, to the point and dependable. So is her payment. I'd do business with her again in a heartbeat. Thank you, Evie!
    14. I commissioned a face-up from Evie; not only did she a great job (no need to say: just have a look at her commissions thread!) but she was a real pleasure to deal with: quick and friendly communication, helpful hints, fast and secure shipping when sending back the doll... an artist I recommend warmly!
      Three cheers for Evie!
    15. evie the kid purchased from me an SD13 Volks Amakusa some weeks ago. Paid in an split of an eye and was so kind and patience while talking to me ^^. Always with a wonderful conversation, told me when she got him and it even let me see him with her new look ^^. I had a wonderful and pleasant transaction with her and definetely would love to deal with her again in future without any doubt at all .

      Thank you so much sweetie ^^ !!