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Feedback for Evil-lin

Jun 18, 2009

    1. Hi,

      For any transaction done here in DOA with me,
      please post the feedback here.

      Thank you!

    2. Evil-lin is not evil at all - she was a very sweet seller. She sold me a pair of optional ears, was prompt and friendly in PMs, and sent the items securely. I would definitely deal with Evil-lin again. Thanks!
    3. Evil-lin bought a Volks Yo-SD Suzuna from me about a week ago and she was a pleasure to deal with! :) Her communication is excellent and she paid promptly. You're lucky to have a transaction with her!
    4. i bought a yosd nana from evil-lin,she is a wonderful seller,she understood my concerns and she shipped out nana asap as soon as i had paid and she also let me know the tracking number straight away too,nana arrived fast and in excellent condition,thanks sooooooooo much!!!
    5. I bought a Irvin's wig from Evil-lin. She responded to my pm very speedy, the item was well packed and shipped out super fast! The item arrived in perfect condition! Thanks!:)
    6. So absolutely sweet! I adopted a doll from Evil-lin and she was more than kind.
    7. I bought a gorgeous doll from Evil-lin. She is in brand new condition! I absolutely love her. Evil-lin was so patient with me while she waited for me to get the funds needed and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I feel like I made a friend during this transaction! Thank you so much! :)
    8. Evil-lin participated in my Leekeworld group order. She said it was her first group order, but to me, it felt like she's been participating in them for quite a while now ^_^
      Good communication and very quick payments.

      Thank you so much for participating!!!
    9. Evil-lin bought items from me.Everything was well,very very friendly and kindly.and the transaction was fast and easy! Great doing business with you!! Thanks very much.^___^
    10. Evil-lin joined my Tata's Paradise GO, and was a great member! :) Communication was very good, as was payment. There was an issue with a missing item, but a refund was provided, and things went smoothly!
    11. Evil-lin participated in my Crobidoll group order. Communication and payments were all stellar and I would be happy to have Evil-lin join any of my GOs again in the future.
    12. Evil-lin participated in my For My Doll group order. Payments were all made on time and communication was great.
    13. Evil-lin purchased my Dollzone girl body from me. She was a great buyer with quick payment and good communication, and I appreciate it.

    14. Evil-lin purchased an Asleep Eidolon female body from me and was a pleasant to deal with. She had good communication and notified me when the package arrived. I highly recommend her and wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again! Thank you!
    15. Evil-lin was a member of my FMD GO. She always responded when I needed to ask her something. Communications and transactions were great. :3 No complaints. All positive. I'd no doubt do another transaction again. <3 Flawless everything. Thanks so much!
    16. Evil-in participated in the Audrey Doll GO.

      She paid promptly and let me know when her wig arrived.

      I recommend her and would love to have her join another GO!