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Feedback for evil_queen_81

Mar 4, 2008

    1. I am starting to sell things on DOA and I have gotten a few things too. Please leave your feedback on how I did.
      Thank You!!
    2. Evil_queen_81 bought a pair of dollheart shoes from me, she paid fast,
      and has good communication. It was a smooth and pleasant transaction.
    3. evil_queen_81 purchased a Pipos Baha from me. The transaction and payment went smoothly; an excellent buyer!
    4. evil_queen_81 purchased a wig from me. She paid super fast and was a great, friendly customer :D. I really appreciate her paying with a money order <3. I'd definitely sell to her again!
    5. Evil Queen bought my PukiPuki Piki fullset. She paid very fast, and kept in contact the whole time.

      I hope you enjoy him, and would recommend anyone to do business with you! :D
    6. I sold some clothes to evil_queen_81 and everything went smoothly. Thanks!