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Feedback for Evildemoncat

Jul 8, 2010

    1. Didn't see one, so I'd thought I'd start one! ^.^

    2. Sold some Dollzone clothes to Evildemoncat, everything went by very smoothly and was pleasant to deal with :)
    3. She bought items from me. Paid quickly, excellent communication, overall pleasant transaction! Thank you! :)
    4. Evildemoncat bought a pair of boots from me, she paid when she said she would, and let me know when they arrived. :) No problems at all.
    5. Evildemoncat bought a DZ Chinese Dragon Girl from me on a short layaway. She is very poliet and kept in contact throughout the short layaway. She also paid very quickly. Great buyer :)
    6. EDC purchased a pkf wig from my sales thread and was excellent throughout to work with. PM's are answered very quickly and payment is prompt. I highly recommend her! Thank you!
    7. Was part of my Asura split. Evildemoncat took the biggest part of the doll (the body/head), and I was so happy/grateful. Otherwise I would have never gotten the Asura outfit I wanted so bad. Did a layaway on the doll, and everything went smoothly. Good buyer/split partner!
    8. EvilDemonCat recently participated in a Dollmore GO i hosted. Everything went extremely smooth and they were a pleasure to deal with. I would love to do another GO with them and look forward to working with them again! Thank You for making my first GO so Easy. :)
    9. EDC participated in my Soom Bazael split, for the outfit and boots. she was communicative, prompt, and a pleasure to work with. I would welcome her back to any split I run, and recommend her to anyone else considering her as a split partner!*