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Feedback for evilhamster13

Dec 19, 2009

    1. As I've started using the DoA marketplace to buy stuff once in a while, one of these feedback thread things is probably a good idea. Post here if you've had a transaction with me and are so inclined :3
    2. I sold evilhamster13 a doll head part and it was an excellent transaction. Quick communication and payment. I highly recommend.
    3. I Sold a Head to evilhamster13:aheartbea , she was great to work with!!. She paid really promptly and was always polite and responded quickly. I would love to work with her again! highly recommend!:D:D:D
      Thank you so mcuh > <!!
    4. I sold evilhamster13 a Volks Manabu. It was an excellent transaction. Communication was wonderful and she paid very quickly. I would gladly do business with her again.
    5. I sold evilhampster13 an outfit, transaction went perfect, thanks again! :D
    6. evilhamster13 purchased a Puki Pukisha faceplate from me. It was an A+ tranaction all the way :) Thanks.
    7. Evilhamster13 bought an Unoa Zero faceplate from me. The transaction was pleasant, the buyer paid promptly and let me know that the item had arrived safely the moment it reached buyer's doorstep. Highly recommended buyer, and extremely pleasant transaction.
    8. I bought a pukisha from evilhamster. Everything about the transaction went wonderfully. It arrived today in perfect condition. She agreed to the layaway plan I needed and sent it off right away when I finished paying. I had him a couple days later. Highly recommend her for any sort of transaction. She's great. :)
    9. I was going to do a trade with evilhamster13, but circumstances on her end prevented it, and she ended up purchasing from me instead. She was very amazing at communication, and it was an unfortunate accident but things were worked out between us. I would buy or trade with her again.
    10. Bought a Volks MSD boy body from evilhamster13. Very smooth transaction, stuff sent out quickly and safely and great communication. Would deal with her anytime!

      All that is left is for my now ex-floating MSD head to get used to his new body!

      !!!!Highly recommended!!!!
    11. i swap with evilhamster13 a elfdoll Soah head for a hybrid girl Soom Human aphan/fdoll body, and everything was perfect, perfect communication, good transaction and a serious and responsible person. 100% recommended!!
    12. I sold evilhamster13 a pair of Dollmore boots and the transaction was smooth sailing from start to finish. She was super nice, paid on time, and let me know when the item arrived. Thanks so much!
    13. Purchased an Uyoo Rabbit from evilhamster13 and it was a great sale! She agreed to let me pay at a later time, holding the doll until she received payment (thank you!) I love her, love the outfit & will treasure this little girl! Thank you!
    14. I sold a clothing set to Evilhamster13 and it was a smooth and really nice transaction. She paid right away and was quick to respond at all times. She let me know when the set arrived. Overall a really good buyer, highly recommended.
    15. A+++ for Evilhamster13

      I highly recommend Evilhamster13. It was an excellent transaction. Communication was wonderful and she paid very quickly. She let me know when the parcel arrived and was very polite. I would gladly do business with her again.

      THANK YOU!

    16. I bought a Volks head from EvilHamster13 and was thrilled with the services!!

      Though there were minor imperfections on the head, she was very clear about it in the sales thread and I was actually surprised to find them better than imagined! She was also very helpful with informing me of my shipping choices, what each one met and always answered questions promptly.

      Packing was also fantastic, with the head, ear parts and headcap wrapped separately and then all placed in lots of padding.

      I would happily buy from her again, thank you! xx
    17. I did a faceup for EvilHamster13 and they were wonderful to work with--very clear instruction, friendly, and prompt responses and payment. I would definitely work with them again!
    18. I did a trade for some SD clothes with Ecilhamster13, they were excellent with communication and kept me updated, and the items arrived quickly and packaged well. Thank you so much!
    19. Just received a gorgeous head from EvilHamster13 - it was very securely packaged and shipped quickly. Very helpful and informative transaction. Excellent Seller, I highly recommend her! Thank you so much for listing this lovely head.
    20. I bought an Elfdoll SD boy body from evilhamster13, and it was a very satisfactory transaction. She responded promptly, patiently answered my questions (even providing some resin comparison pics, which were most helpful), and shipped quickly. :thumbup:dance