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feedback for evilrabbitlove

Jul 13, 2008

    1. My feedback lol
    2. Kevin bought a Puki Striped Balloon outfit from me, and was the perfect customer!! He was quick to pay for the item, quick to answer PMs, and a very friendly person to deal with! I wish him lots of love and fun with his Puki!!! :thumbup
    3. Kevin bought a fullset PukiPuki Rose from me ^_^ VERY communitive, responded to most of my messages within minutes of my sending them and kept me informed all the time ^_^

      Payment was prompt, he's very friendly, and he was very understanding when I forgot to include a part and had to promise to send it later ^^;

      He's really nice and pleasant to speak to ^_^ I would recommend him <3
    4. Kevin commissioned a puki outfit from me :) He was great- smooth communication, very friendly, and fast payment. Thank you for a wonderful transaction!
    5. evilrabbitlove commissioned some puki legwarmers from me, he was very sweet and even sent me pics :)
    6. Kevin bought a puki faceplate from me, and it was a great transaction all around. I hope you enjoy her! She looks really cute in your pictures!
    7. evilrabbitlove aka Kevin bought a Puki outfit, wig and boots from me. He paid fast. And we had great communication. I highly recommend him.

      Thanks Kevin.

    8. I sold evilrabbitlove 2 Puki outfits and the transaction went great!!!
    9. I purchased a Puki Rose from Evil and he was so wonderful he sent me an extra wig and pair of eyes. Wonderful to deal with. Thanks so much!
    10. I purchased a Puki outfit from EvilRabbitLove. Great communication, fast shipping and just as described.
    11. I sold my Puki Black Maid outfit to EvilRabbitLove and it has been a great transaction: he's been very kind and communicative and the payment was fast; a really very pleasant transaction, thank you Kevin!
    12. I purchased a Puki Pukisha set of ears, paws, and extra paws from EvilRabbitLove and it was a great transaction, he was very nice and shipped them out really fast. I bought them on a Wednesday and they arrived on a Friday! It was great!!
    13. I purchased two fullset puki outfits from EvilRabbitLove and the transaction was great. They were well packed and arrived in a timely manner. Thank you so much!!
    14. I sold some Pukifee shoes to EvilRabbitLove. Payment was prompt and communication was clear. Many thanks for a smooth transaction!