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Feedback for evphaedrielle

Mar 23, 2010

    1. Hello!

      I figured it was about time I set one of these up, so please leave feedback for me here ^__^

    2. And here;s your first feedback! :)
      evphaedrielle purchased few medicine bottles from me.
      She was wonderful to deal with, paid fast and communication was great.
      Hoping to see back in the future ^^
    3. evphaedrielle participated in my LUTS GO. Great communication, fast payment to invoices! She is a very friendly person that I'd love to work with again. Thank you for joining the GO:chocoberry
    4. Evphaedrielle participated in my Crobidoll G.O. Very friendly and paid promptly :) I would be happy to do business with Evphaedrelle again!
    5. evphaedrielle joined one of my LUTS GOs. An awesome member - she paid promptly, and was understanding about the wait times due to my job.
      Thanks for joining, evphaedrielle! ^_^
    6. evphaedrielle participated in the Luts group order that I ran.
      I am very pleased to have had them in my GO.
      evphaedrielle was very patient with the whole situation.

      Thank you very much.
    7. evphaedrielle purchased a pair of custom jeans from me. Perfect transaction, paid quickly, great communication. Thanks!
    8. evphaedrielle joined my Luts GO. Her communication and payments were very quick, & she was a very patient & helpful participant through the GO, and she notified me once her items arrived! Our transaction was so much fun & pleasant and I'd love to work with her again anytime!! TY! :kitty2
    9. evphaedrielle bought some yosd shorts from me. Communication was great and payment was fast. A pleasure to deal with. Thank you! :)
    10. evphaedrielle commissioned me for long elf ears on her SDF boy, and she was a pleasure to work with. She was very kind and patient when the mod took longer than expected, and she was always friendly and prompt with communication and payment. I'd gladly work with her again anytime! :)
    11. she bought the doll glass eyes from me , the whole transaction is very happy ,she was very kind and friendly , it is happy time to have the business with her, highly recommend her to all of you. by the way ,I would like to say when her friend comes to me , pls remind me that you are her friends ,and then you will get the gifts from me .hahaha , we do our best to show the happyness between us on this world.
    12. evphaedrielle was part of the Tata's GO I ran and she was wonderful! I'd love to have her in future GOs! Thanks for being part of the first GO I've ever run! <3
    13. evphaedrielle purchased a few items from my store. evphaedrielle paid quickly and was great to work with. A+ Thanks!
    14. Evphaedrielle commissioned a tiny fur wig from me. She paid quickly and was a delight to interact with. Thank you so much! :)
    15. A+ Transaction

      evphaedrielle participated in my Luts group order and everything went perfectly.
      Great communication and fast payment.
      I would definitely do business with evphaedrielle again.

      Thank You
    16. evphaedrielle participated in one of my group orders, for TATA'S PARADISE. She sent me her info quickly, as well as both the items payment and the shipping payment.

      And then, she was very accommodating and understanding when I mixed up a pair of glasses she had ordered with another member's pair.
      To rectify the problem, I sent both evphaedrielle and the other member money to ship the glasses to the correct owner; evphaedrielle shipped them out quickly after I gave her the money and shipping info.

      So, thanks for joining the GO, evphaedrielle! And I really appreciated your patience and understanding with my mixup! :)
    17. evphaedrielle participated in my For My Doll group order. Communication was great and payment was prompt.
    18. evphaedrielle participated in my Soom Benmore split and got the antlers. She was very prompt in her PMs and paying and was very patient in the wait! I couldn't have asked for a better split partner! :)