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Feedback For Fairyality

Oct 30, 2009

    1. thanks so much Twirl....we got it sorted in the end eh!
    2. candy kitten entered a small GO I made with Fairyland, she paid promptly and was great with communication! well recommended!
    3. Okay so, I came to add a picture of Kazuya's wings to my review because I adore Kazu's wings and...somehow I never posted a review! I remember writing it...must have lost it when my old laptop died. Anyway, my review and a picture:

      I actually wound up ordering two pairs of wings, one for Kazu and one for my girl Yuna (both are Delfs, but I don't have a good pictures of Yuna's wings yet). Anyway, both pairs of wings are even better-looking in person than in pictures. They're wonderfully sturdy too -- they survived being shipped from the UK to Japan, and then once during taking pictures with Kazu I accidentally bent one of his wingtips quite a bit and it bounced right back the moment I moved him (I don't recommend trying it on purpose though...wouldn't want to damage your wings!). The wings were very well-packaged and they do come with magnets. And Candy Kitten is an absolute joy to work with. She really listens to what you want, she sent me several possible designs, and her communication was amazing through the entire process. Her wings are definitely worth the price. I have a new boy who needs wings, so I'll definitely be coming to look for her again soon.

      And a couple of pictures of Kazu with his wings:


    4. WOW!!! thankyou so much shiori hime for your lovely review! i'm so glad you posted pics, he looks amazing in them....it was an absolute pleasure to create them for you.....looking forward to creating for you once again x
    5. Commissioned a set of SD wings for my elfdoll Aurora. They arrived very well packaged and they're beautiful! Candy Kitten maintained great communication to let me know what was going on, and she shipped in good amount of time. Would gladly commission her again the next time I need a pair of wings. :)
    6. And because I forgot to include it in the last post, and because we can't edit feedback posts, here's another one with an actual picture of Deedlit wearing her wings.

    7. Oh she looks stunning in her new wings! thankyou so much for your lovely feedback Stormlight!
    8. Candy kitten bought some Lati/Puki size clothes from me and was fast to pay and great with communication! Sorry my feedback is late!
    9. thanks so much for that piccadilly!
    10. Bought a beautiful pair of puki-sized wings from Candy Kitten. She was wonderful through the whole transaction. Thanks again for the beautiful wings!
    11. you are most welcome Bubble Gum Goth ! x
    12. got my little wonderful set of wings! thanks so much!
    13. thanks so much tommieandgary...it was a pleasure
    14. Commissioned a lovely pair of green wings from Candy Kitten and am very happy with them. Thank you
    15. you are most welcome sweety
    16. I commisioned wings for a LittleFee. I had a fairly good idea about what I wanted and Candy Kitten not only made my wildest dreams come true she was also very very nice and friendly and easy to work with. I cannot recomend her enough.

      As soon as I get the face-plate for my LittleFee back from face-up I'll come back and post pictures.

    17. Thankyou Dustbunnie! that's lovely of you....a real pleasure creating them..cannot wait to see pics of your little girl in them x
    18. I ordered three sets of wings from candy kitten and not only did she work with me for weeks on how exactly I wanted them to look, she made all three much faster than I expected, shipped them to my schedule, packed them very very well, and above all they are absolutely beautiful and worth every penny! Great communication and updates and an absolute pleasure to deal with. My wings are more beautiful than I ever could have imagined (not to mention the scale for my Minifees is absolute perfection!!) Highly recommend!

      One example!
    19. The photo didn't show up but I'll be posting some photos of my wings in the gallery shortly!
    20. thanks so much sweety for your lovely feedback....your wings look so beautiful on your dolls....it was an absolute pleasure to design for you....anytime you need any more you know where i am!