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Feedback For Fairyality

Oct 30, 2009

    1. I ordered two sets of wings from Candy Kitten, and they both turned out FANTASTIC! I'll try and get the two little fae together for a picture soon! <3
    2. i'm so pleased you love them.....yes pics soon please!
    3. candy kitten was fantastic. She made a pair of wings for my PukiFee and she looks super cute in them. I need to take some pictures of her in them soon! The transaction was great, and she's sweet as pie. Highly recommended!!!
    4. thanks so much for such lovely feedback hun! cannot wait to see your little girl in the wings....it was a real pleasure creating for you x
    5. Linny did a set of super gem wings and a set of teeny gem wings for me. They are so pretty! As soon as my bigger girl is all finished, I'll do a mother-daughter shoot and post some pics. Thanks again for such beautiful wings! ^^
    6. you are most welcome.....i am so pleased you like them....yes do post pics i would love to see them on your girl.....infact i cannot wait to see what they look like....thanks once again it was a real pleasure to design your wings for you x
    7. I commissioned eyes from Linny they're lovely and I would buy from again!
      Thankies *hugs*
    8. thanks Suvi! so glad you like them x
    9. I recently commissioned several pairs of eyes from Candy Kitten, and I couldn't hold her in higher esteem! The communications were brilliant, she always responded promptly, they were shipped very quickly after completion. The outer packaging was very protective, nothing was damaged in transit, and the finishing touches to the inner packaging and wrapping was very cute!
      The eyes looked fantastic, they were exactly what I asked for!
      I couldn't be happier with the services Candy Kitten provided, she is very polite and genuine, and without a sliver of doubt, I would recommend her to others!

      Thank you very much!

      One of the sets of eyes ordered;
    10. aw Karakal what absolutely lovely feedback! i'm so glad you loved the eyes....it was a real pleasure and you didn't order too many!
    11. I bought 2 Yo-SD size dresses from Fairyality/Candy Kitten, and they are the cutest thing ever! Very well made, and just perfect. Communication was prompt and friendly, and delivery was super fast, and they were very well wrapped and tied with a ribbon. Thanks Linny! They are lovely.
      My little girl won't be here till December (I hope before Xmass) so no pictures yet :( but soon :D

      Thanks again!
    12. thanks so so much Giodrakes for such lovely feedback! cannot wait to see your little Leah in the dresses! x
    13. What is a Tinker Bell doll without wings? So, I commissioned a pair of Tinker Bell wings from Candy Kitten ^^ And they came out BEAUTIFULLY! They arrived just in time for Christmas, and not only are they fantastic, but Candy Kitten's eye for detail is superb! The wings are a perfect replica of Tinker Bell's wings from her new fairy movies, and Candy Kitten herself is a wonderful lady that is awesome to work with! :D She answered all my questions and we brainstormed together on what the best materials would be for the look I wanted! My Tink is now complete!!

    14. Anneke thankyou so much for such amazing feedback!...i really enjoyed creating these wings as i am a HUGE tink fan myself..it was an absolute please and i am so happy you loved them

    15. I commissioned a set of wings from candy kitten for a 70cm boy.
      She was extremely pleasant throughout the whole situation.
      She listened to what I wanted and drafted several designs until we found one that I liked.
      They were shipped in excellent condition and came in the cutest packaging ever.
      Linny was an absolute joy to work with, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.

    16. thankyou so much! it was lovely to work for you also! x
    17. I had a wonderful transaction with Candy Kitten---purchased some jointed hands. The communication was GREAT and the shipping was fast. I am very pleased (and I love her wings!) and would buy from her again. Thanks for the great hands, they are so fun to play with---you were so right!
    18. Commissioned some eyes for my incoming EID Chase from Linny. She's great to deal with and keeps you updated with hows things are going!
      Thankies Linny!
    19. you are most welcome hun! don't forget to post pics of your new Chase with his new eyes!
    20. I commissioned two sets of fantasy film wings for my MSD from Linny. She was a pleasure to work with and kept me up to date on the process. They were packaged very well and arrived super fast. I cannot say enough good things about her. The wings were so beautiful, a real work of art. Thanks Linny :)