Feedback For Fairyality

Oct 30, 2009

    1. I'm so pleased you liked them...they were a pleasure to create for you...don't forget piccies when you have time!
    2. Linny made a pair of wings for my doll, which turned out great!. She was wonderful to work with, made several designs to show me, then showed pictures when she finished. They look beautiful on my doll! I got them earlier in the week but waited till the weekend to take pictures, then got too busy with the kids and Easter! I'll take pics and post soon!
    3. So glad you like was a pleasure and i cannot wait to see pics!
    4. oh they look perfect on her! Nyx looks like an ice pretty...i'm so pleased you like them! yes please do take some more pics
    5. I commissioned a pair of wings for my Soom taco and they came out amazing!! Candy Kitten is such a nice person and works very fast and does an amazing job!!! The shipping to the states was super fast to!! I just love the wings and the service is out of this world!!! Thanks so much! ^_^
    6. Thanks so much Maris! you were absolutely lovely to deal with and it was a real pleasure! hope to work with you again sometime x
    7. I commissioned some custom eyes in 14mm and 16mm from candy kitten. She did exactly what I asked for and was a pleasure to work with as always :D
      Here's a pic of the 14mm in my MNF DES head!
    8. oh they suit your MNF so much!.....Always a pleasure Suvi
    9. Linny made an adorable dress for my incoming Iplehouse Elin. She is wonderful to work with, a pleasure.
      Thank you Linny!
    10. I asked Fairyality to make a set of eyes fit for my goddess Gaia, and she knocked it out of the park! They have wonderful depth and clairy, and she did a wonderful job translating my idea.

      I also asked her to make a set of dragonfly wings, and they are stunning----a true work of art!

      Fairyality is also a real sweatheat to work with:)
    11. Arianne02 thank you for the absolutely lovely was an absolute pleasure to design for you you were amazing to deal with!
    12. candy kitten - commissioned a specialised top for Jessica EID Iplehouse by me !
      The communication was awesome, paid quick. :)
      I totally recommend as a buyer! Thanks again !!!!:D
    13. I bought an amazing little MNF head from candy kitten and it was a wonderful transaction! She even offered to remove the face-up before sending the head as she knew I would open the eyes. :chocoberry

      My precious little head was also sent promptly and was very well protected with layers of bubble wrap in a nice sturdy box. Thank you so much~!
    14. you are most welcome Lochness!
    15. I commissioned Linny for a pair of dragon wings. She is very sweet, pleasant, and prompt in communication, and the wings are gorgeous--even more beautiful in person than in photos. :) They were shipped quickly and packaged very well. I'd be happy to work with her again. Thank you! <3
    16. thank you so much Shawir for such lovely feedback...i cannot wait to see pics!
    17. I commissioned a pair of butterfly wings for my PKF and they're just lovely, thank you very much :)

    18. oh WOW how sweet does she look! what a cutie! and i'm so pleased she like her wings! thanks so much they were a please to create.
    19. I commisioned some wings for my Doll Chateau Olivia from her and I'm thrilled with the result. The wings are fabulous, exactly as I wanted and better than I could have hoped for. She couldn't have been more helpful and I can't recommend her highly enough. She is a true artist.