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Feedback for FaithyHopey

Aug 14, 2009

    1. Tell me your thoughts!
    2. FaithyHopey bought a Limwha Tan Mano which just happened to be her's once. She was the first owner I was owner #3. She did layaway with me and was quick with payments and was always a pleasure to communicate with. Eager to get her boy back and I was so happy to find a buyer who not only paid fast but I knew he was heading home as well. Would deal with her in any way weather as a seller or buyer.
    3. I bought Roxydoll Becy from FaithyHopey and it was a really wonderful transaction. She allowed me to pay on layaway and her communication is great. I kinda feel like I've made a new online friend and I usually don't feel that way with people I buy from. I would not hesitate to buy from her again, she is honest and super nice.
    4. FaithHopey bought a pair of Dollmore Glamor Model Doll boots from me. She paid fast and as always a delight to work with.
    5. FaithyHopey bought a B&G Aurora from me. Paid $211 up front and the rest later that same day! Super fast layaway! Hahaha! ;)

      She's a wonderful person to deal with, incredibly friendly and fun!
    6. I just completed a commission for FaithyHopey and the transaction couldn't have gone more smoothly. Payment was super-speedy and communications were prompt and friendly. FaithyHopey is just a joy to deal with in every respect!
    7. FaithyHopey bought a wig from me, and was a wonderful buyer! Fast payment & friendly communication, and she let me know when it arrived. Thanks! :D
    8. FaithyHopey bought two shirts for her boys from me. She was great as always to deal with and a sweetheart of a lady both here and on other site I know her at.
    9. I just bought a doll from FaithHopey and boy did she ship fast, was great to talk to and she sent me a couple of extras COOL and thanks!!:o:aheartbea
    10. FaithyHopey bought some items from me. Very lovely person to work with. Fast communication and payment! Thank you very much! :)
    11. FaithyHopey bought a body from me and it was an absolute pleasure to have a transaction with her ^_^ She was delightful to talk to, replied to PMs quickly, and paid exceedingly fast ^_^ She let me know when he arrived :D Thank you so much!
    12. FaithyHopey bought a Limhwa Mano head from me. She was very amusing in her PMs and made payments fast! She also responded to PMs quickly~ Would love to deal with again!
    13. FaithyHopey bought a Luts outfit from me and it was perfect transaction. Fast payment and communication. I highly recommend. :)
    14. Faith purchased a doll from me, and was very fast to pay . . extra fun to deal with . . courteous, a delight to have a transaction with. Plus she makes beautiful designs, too! I would be very happy to buy or sell to her again! Highest recommendations for a lovely lady . . :)
    15. FaithyHopey bought a Luts Baron set from me.
      She is very friendly and wonderful to communicate with and her payment was super-fast.
      She also let me know when she received the package.
      I highly recommend her.
      Thanks so much Faith!^^
    16. I bought her handmade Ivory Silk Dupioni Shantung Victorian bustle wedding gown via layaway. She is great in communication and very friendly! I would deal with her again and highly recommend her. Thanks so much!
    17. An absolutely lovely person to do business with. Trade with her in complete confidence!
    18. FaithyHopey bought a head from me! Her communication was fast and her payment even faster. Our transaction went perfectly smooth!
    19. FaithyHopey just purchased two wigs from me, and it was a very pleasant and perfect transaction! She is lovely to do business with ~Thank you again! :chocoberry
    20. I sold Akando head for faithy and the deal went smoothly. ^__^ She was nice about everything and answered and paid quickly. I can recommend her fully!