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Feedback for Falcongirl

Dec 7, 2009

    1. Feedback for Falcongirl
    2. Oh wow, I'm first. I can vouch that Falcongirl is a great buyer, everything went smoothly and quickly and she's very friendly. Thanks hun!
    3. falcongirl joined my Dollmore group order.
      We were on a bit of a time constraint, and falcongirl got me her information quickly, sent payments quickly, and was also very understanding when I hit a few snags due to the holidays.
      Thanks for being a part of my first GO!
    4. Had some fun making Falcongirl Banji clothes...She was great to work with, thanks so much!!:)
    5. Participated in my Nathan Fillion Minimee Group order. Great communication, paid on time. I'd definitely do business with her again.
    6. falcongirl just purchased a dragondoll "uncle' body from me and was a joy to deal with!
      communication was great , payment was prompt; it was an all round great transaction with an excellent buyer.
      very,very, much recommended!

    7. I sold a small 70cm clothing pack to Falcongirl.
      -Fast payment
      -Great communication

      I would gladly do business with Falcongirl again.
    8. Falcongirl bought some clothing from me. She was awesome. Paid right way, and let me know when the package got to her. I'd happily work with her again, thank you.
    9. I purchased a pink pearl purse from Falcongirl. It looked so much cuter than the photo. It was very well packaged in a box with bubbles. The shipping was fast and safe. Thank you!
    10. Falcongirl purchased some clothes from me, she kept excellent comunnication and paid promptly. Thanks so much for the great transaction!
    11. Falcongirl purchased a Puki from me, she was lovely throughout the transaction, great communication, super fast payment and she kindly let me know when the package arrived safely. I would recommend Falcongirl to anyone and would love to trade again in the future :)
    12. I traded some Volks sealant with Falcongirl for her MSC, and in the process, I forgot to include a tracking number on the package! Oy. Both of our packages arrived safely at their destinations, so all is well, but the really fabulous part is this: Falcongirl was totally patient while the US mail took 4 extra days to deliver my package to her (we shipped on the same day). She let me know the instant it arrived safely, so I didn't have to worry any more. It goes without saying that she also shipped *her* package promptly, didn't forget to put a tracking number on it, and wrapped those cans like they were ostrich eggs ;) Everything arrived in perfect condition. I couldn't recommend anyone higher, and if she ever wants to do a trade again, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Highly recommended!
    13. Falcongirl bought my old Bbb Erin for her experiments.
      It's been a smooth and painfree experince to deal with her, from begining to end, and I'm very excited to follow the future work she'll do on the little one ;)
      I have no problem in recommending this buyer to anyone!!
      Thank you, and have fun :D
    14. I was the very, Very, VERY fortunate swap partner of Falcongirl in the Fandom Swap! I was absolutely thrilled with the items she sent for my girl, which showed tremendous thought and careful execution. The wonderful hooded cape, (reversible no less!) necklace and accessories were truly amazing. She also packaged the items very carefully and mailed them within the designated Swap timeframe. It was a great swap experience and I can't thank her enough.:)
    15. I participated in Falcongirl's $Winter_Holiday Comestibles Swap (International) she was awesome at organising it and was my swap partner as well. Eryn and I just love all the gifts she sent..

      though we have to remember to eat the peeps in moderation to avoid feeling sick again ^.^
    16. I participated in Falcongirl's Parabox GO. I got my wigs today : )
      She did a great job running the GO and her communication was excellent. I highly recommend her.

      Thank you for organizing the go, Falcongirl and have a great Christmas!
    17. I also participated in Falcongirl's Parabox GO
      Great communication -- good job running the GO :)

      I'd definitely join another of Falcongirl's GO's in the future!

      Thanks again!!
    18. I was in Falcongirl's Parabox go and everything went very smoothly. Great communication and I would definatly join one of her go's in the future :)