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Feedback for FallenEverdark

Jun 27, 2008

    1. Engage in a transaction with me? Leave your feedback here! :3
    2. Also! If you would like some further feedback, here is my ebay user page. I haven't bought much for dolls on there, but its got 100% there so if you wanna look it over, there you go.

    3. I sold two pairs of eyes to FallenEverdark, who pays quickly, communicates well and is an overall pleasure to deal with. Thank you!
    4. FallenEverdark bought some PJ pants form my sale thread. Payment was prompt and buyer notified me upon item's arrival. Good buyer. Please come back again!
    5. FallenEverDark commissioned jewelry from me and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Great communication, fast payment, wonderful to work with. Thanks again!
    6. Sold some clothes to FallenEverdark. She paid quickly, was very sweet in communication, just a blast buyer I'd love to do business with again! Thank you!
    7. FallenEverdark is truly a gem of a person! :) She participated in my IO split for the IO wig and was amazing to deal with, quick payment and friendly communication back and forth. It made organizing the split a pleasure! Thanks so much again!
    8. FallenEverdark purchased two pair of handmade goggles from me, with ridiculously fast payment and awesome communication. Thank you again!! :3
    9. FallenEverdark took part in my Soom Glot order for the outfit, and the transaction was perfect.

      Fast payment, excellent communication, very nice and friendly in PMs, I can only say good things and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again ;)

      Thanks so much! <3
    10. I just purchased a green wig from her and it got here mighty fast!

      wonderful seller,was very patient with me and very nice to work with.

      thanks so much!
    11. I'm very pleased with the Tanpopo she sold me. She was just as described and even included an extra wig. It was an excellent transaction. She was very communicative and shipped on time. Would gladly transact with again.
      Thanks so much!
    12. FallenEverdark took part of my Split of Glot for the hooves ^_^
      The payment was fast. Also, she's kind and comprehensive. Very good to deal!

      Recommended for sure!
    13. FallenEverdark bought a soom iv from me. Very friendly communication and very fast payment. ^^ would definitely do business with her again!
    14. FallenEverDark bought a Teenie Gem body from me, and she was a real pleasure to deal with.

      Excellent communication, super fast payment, very friendly and understanding, everything was perfect!

      Thanks so much! <3
    15. I bought a pair of teenie gem hands from Fallen and couldnt be happier! a wonderful transaction overall, thank you again!
    16. Fallen bought a BBB Mei from me and her communication was excellent and paid fast!! Great transaction and awesome buyer!!