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Feedback for Fashiondollie NEED Please

Jan 4, 2007

    1. For any and all members who have had transactions with me, Please Leave feedback for me, and I will do the same. I should have sarted this thread a long time ago.
    2. I have some transactions with Fashiondollie. It has been my great pleasure to deal with her on eBay and off-ebay. Thanks.
    3. I sold a Wig to Fashiondollie and she was just great to deal with. Nice Transaction.
    4. I sold a Custom House girl body to Fashiondollie. She paid quickly and was a pleasure to deal with. :aheartbea
    5. I bought Fashiondollie's place in the last Wishel group order. She was great to deal with and set up the shipping to me and everything with ChocoMeijin so I did not have to deal with it on my own. Thanks to Fashiondollie I got my "Wishel experience!" She's a fine seller.
    6. Fashiondollie sold me a Choa. Great communication, swift shipping and careful packing. Thank you so much!
    7. I bought a head from Fashiondollie and the transaction could not have gone more smoothly. Communciation was prompt, clear and friendly. Shipping was incredibly fast, and she even sent the head directly to the faceup artist for me.

      Highly recommended to buy from or sell to!

      - Wendy
    8. Fashiondollie just bought a pair of eyes from me, and she has been *wonderful* to deal with--she paid immediately, kept up terrific communication, and was nice enough to let me know that the package arrived safely. Hope to do business with her again sometime! :daisy
    9. Fashiondollie purchased an outfit from me. The transaction went smoothly, her PMs were precise and friendly and payment was fast. I'd recommend her to anyone.
    10. Teriffic seller! Excellent, fast shipping and everything arrived in A+++ shape. Highly recommended.
    11. Perfect item, shipped really fast, an overall great transaction - thanks!
    12. sold a clothes set. the transaction was very smooth, the payment
      was super fast, and gave me a confirming pm as soon as item was recieved!!
      can't ask more!!! thanks a lot!!!
    13. I did a split with fashiondollie and it went splendidly. She was wonderful through out the whole process, responded quickly to all pms, and shipped the doll promptly after it was recieved. :)
    14. FashionDollie commissioned me for a face-up, she was great to deal with!

    15. I sold a BC wig to fashiondollie. It was a quick and easy transaction. I highly recommend her! :)
    16. Sold an item to fashiondollie and it went quite nicely! Thanks (and thanks for letting me know so quickly when it arrived, too :) )
    17. I got some of Fashiondollie's free fabric for my little BC's and she was wonderful!! Offered the fabic for free no strings attached. She even included instructions on how to sew them up! She was even nice enough to sew the elastic in for me since I'm sewing machine challenged! Thanks again for everything :D
    18. I bought a very pretty dress from Fashiondollie. It's absolutely stunning! She even threw in a free gift because the package shipped a couple of days late, which was very nice of her! PMs were friendly, and I would definitely buy from her again!
    19. Bought a dress, and had a really nice transaction. Fast shipping :).
    20. I bought a couple of Yo-SD outfits from Fashiondollie. They arrived just as described with virtually no waiting time. THank you Fashiondolly for a lovely transaction. ^__^